Things every hosteller should know

Life at college hostels can be tough and challenging. Make it fun and interesting with these simple, easy steps.

Dec 16, 2019, 12:55 IST
Things every hosteller should know
Things every hosteller should know

Moving out of home and living on their own in a different city has become quite a common scenario amongst the college students in our country. In today's time, lakhs of students relocate to different city while pursuing their dreams for higher education from reputed institutions. Whether it be a few hours journey by car or a few hours by flight students leave behind the comfort of home and family to live in hostels and other private accommodations. Where life is no longer a piece of cake, they have to strive and work hard for everything, manage everything on their own. Life at hostels is never easy, there are way too many challenges that students have to overcome from rushing to the washrooms early morning to avoid waiting in long queues to somehow swallow down the tasteless mess food. Although, nothing could make these challenges disappear but one sure could make life at hostel easier by being prepared for these challenges. And to assist students in their preparation for life at hostel, here are some pointers that they must keep in mind.

Stock your Food

Always remember that in a hostel the normal rules of work during the day and sleep during the night no longer apply. There is no defined waking time or sleep time in a college hostel. Don't be surprised if you find yourself spending days at stretch without a proper sleep. During such ordeals where you are awake all night there will be an irresistible urge to munch on some snacks. So, always keep a hidden stock of biscuits, namkeen or homemade goodies for such emergencies. And if you are the lucky lot who have some electric cookware like an induction plate or electric kettle, make sure to have some instant noodles packets in stock always. You never know when hunger would come knocking on the doors.

Roommates are family

Imagine moving out of home, away from the comfort of the family and familiar faces of your parents and siblings and having to deal with a nosy roommate. But before you completely ward them off and draw lines to mark your territory in the room just give your roommate another chance. Remember that they too have moved out of their homes and are homesick maybe their way of dealing with it is different from that of yours. In times to come you will be each other's rock to lean on in the times of difficulties and the first to share their joy when some good news comes. For years to come you will be spending a great deal of time together better to start off things on a good note than a sour one. Remember, no matter how awkward things may seem at the beginning you'll not even realize when they became an indispensible part of your life.

Know when to say 'NO'

You might 'yes' to each and everything in the beginning in your bid to get to know your hostel mates and make some new friends. But be careful of the things that you say yes to, for there might be many that you aren't comfortable with but in peer pressure you end up saying yes to it. Such things may work out fine in the initial few days but soon after it will start posing problems for both you and your hostel mates. For example, if you are not a fan to late night parties or chatting sessions then inform your new friends of it. It's okay to walk a different path than that of everyone else. Or refusing to lend something very expensive or dear to your new best friend is okay. It may make things hard at first but it will be rewarding in the long run. Moreover, it will teach you to be confidant in your decisions.

Always keep aside some money for emergencies

During the initial few months of college life it is quite common for students to end up using their monthly budget even before the mid way mark of the month. It is hard to manage expenses and keep track of everything on your own especially when you are doing it for the first time in your life. Moreover, living in a hostel it is impossible to keep track of every penny that you spend on your own self or even your friends for that matter. Thus, to avoid being caught unaware in the situation of an empty wallet always keep away some cash stocked in for emergencies.

Best ways to deal with homesickness

Learn to live out of your comfort zones

Remember that hostel is not your home and neither a private accommodation where you are the lone person living. Here no one will bother to lower the volume or switch off the nights if you are going to sleep. You have learn to sleep in noise, with lights open or even study in noisy surroundings. If you are someone who is used to do things a particular way it is time to change those things. Remember college is a place of community living and most of the rooms there are on twin sharing basis. It is next to impossible to get absolute privacy in a hostel room.

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Life at a hostel can be challenging but it sure comes with a lot more freedom and fun. If you were to ask students many of them would say that they would like to experience hostel life at least once in their life. Follow these simple steps and hostel life could be one of the best moments of your life. Liked this article? Please share it with your friends and peers. For more such articles on college life please visit, Alternatively, you can also get more such articles in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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