CBSE Board Exam 2021 - 6 Best Tips to Remove Board Exam Fear and Obtain Good Results

Check the most effective tips to accelerate your board exam performance and score the optimum marks. These tips will help to overcome the exam fear and give your best performance in examination hall while taking the board exams 2021.

Tips to Overcome the Board Exam Fear
Tips to Overcome the Board Exam Fear

Besides a good revision of the syllabus, another important thing is to plan the exam writing technique which may help to write a perfect exam and score high marks. Actually, how hard you studied, how well you prepared, how much you practiced, all your efforts to perform the best in CBSE board exams will go in vain if you are unable to execute them well in the examination hall. Everything will be left behind if the nervousness or anxiety overshadows all your preparations, leaving your brain completely blank on the main exam day. This is what happens with most of the students while sitting for the exam. To beat the exam blues and keep away all the stress and anxieties, you need to add a little more to your preparatory efforts so that all your hard work may get reflected in your exam performance.  

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Jagranjosh here brings you a few tricks that you can follow in the examination hall so as to shed out all the stress and worries to give your best performance in the CBSE board exam 2021.

1.Take a deep breath

Entered the examination hall? Found your seat? Now just sit down and relax yourself by taking a deep breath. Exhale out all the worries and stay calm. When you got your answer sheet, first of all remember to write your name and roll number on the front page of your sheet. You won’t believe how often students forget to do this very initial activity out of anxiety. Even while taking the exam if you feel yourself panicking or stressing out, put down your pen/pencil and take several long, deep breaths. This will help you clear your mind and fill your blood with oxygen making you feel refreshed.

2. Take a thorough reading of the question paper

Read all the questions carefully before starting writing the exam so that you get an idea of the questions that which part seems easy or tough for you. Reading all questions thoroughly will ensure you make the right choices and can highlight how much you know about the topics. Start answering the questions which you feel the most confident about. There is no need to answer the questions in order. Also, if you find any confusion or you are not clear on any particular question then don’t be afraid to ask the examiner. Sometimes the paper may contain typos, misprints or any editing which is hard to understand. In that case simply ask your instructor for more clarification.

3. Structure your time

This is where you need to be strict with yourself. Assign each section or each question a particular time limit which will help you complete the paper within the given time constraint. Don’t spend more time than you planned on a particular section/question else you won’t be able to give the next question your full attention and gain those extra marks. Also,  leave any questions that you are not sure about for the end. Remember to spare out some time for the end so that you may go back over your answers and add in little notes or pieces of information where needed which could help you bump up your grade.

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4. Strategize the multiple choice questions. 

Read the question thoroughly and get to know what each multiple choice question is asking and if it helps, solve the problem on scratch paper. Evaluate each given option to the multiple choice question and eliminate those which you find clearly wrong and then out of the rest of probable answers make an educated guess. You won’t get it right until unless you try it out.

5. Find out a key word in essay questions. 

Before you get started, make sure that you have read each essay question twice to make sure that you understand the specific topic and what you need to do with it. Look out the keywords like “describe,” “explain,” “compare,” etc., and highlight the other important words or phrases in the question that you need to focus on while answering the question. Use the instructions to determine what to include in your answer. Address the topic with a direct response, without including any non-essential information. Your answer must include the relevant information which displays your knowledge of the subject. 

6. Avoid the distracting students 

Don’t let the students around you to distract your concentration. Just avoid the panicking students. They are not going to do any favour for you. If they are causing any sort of disturbance, ask them to be quiet or inform the instructor. Don’t feel pressurised if other students complete the test before time and leave early. If you will allow yourself racing to catch those students then you will definitely make mistakes in a hurry. Be sure to review your answers and check your work to spot mistakes and rectify them.

In the end it’s all upto you how well you follow these tricks and make yourself calm and cool to deliver your best. After all, it’s the time when all your hard work will be paid off to give you the best result.

All the very best!!!

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