Top 11 tips students must follow to succeed in board exams 2017

This article provides the most important tips which a student must follow to score the maximum marks in CBSE or any other board exam.

Top 11 tips students must follow to succeed in board exams 2017
Top 11 tips students must follow to succeed in board exams 2017

Q. Can someone tell me the best tricks to score outstanding in board exams?

Ans. The countdown for class 10 and 12 board exams has begun. For every student appearing in board exams whether CBSE or UP board or any other state board exam, this is the time to be used most efficiently and judiciously. Many students must be confounded as to how to deal with the huge syllabus, complex formulae and the peer pressure to score well. Realising the need of the hour, here we have collected the most important tips and tricks for students so as to help them get out of the disastrous stress and prepare well for the board exams.

Find below the top 11 tips to perform outstanding in CBSE/ UP board exams:

  • Work in your productivity cycle. Choose any time of the day when your mind and body are ready to sit calmly and take in some information.
  • Know your concentration span for better performance. Workout is best to enhance your concentration level. Try meditation in between your study sessions.
  • Group study can be very helpful to prepare for the difficult subjects.
  • Do not weigh your capacity on the basis of previous results. Do not let it discourage you but take the failures as a lesson to mark your weak areas and work to rectify them.
  • Create a time management plan for every subject. Subjects you find difficult should be given some more time than the easier ones, i.e., give your best time, focusing on the toughest subjects.
  • Your study place should take you away from all kinds of distractions where you can work to achieve your resolution.
  • When practicing the previous year papers or sample papers, be strict with the time limits so as to learn time management during the real exam.
  • When you get bored of learning and cramming the stuff, try practicing the diagrams and their labeling. Diagrams make your answers more engaging hence can help to grab more marks.
  • Revise the subjects you have completed, so that it is easier to recall the things while writing the exam.
  • Note down all the important formulae and reaction equations that you come across while studying. It will be easier to revise them whenever you need.
  • Do not get yourself buried under piles of books. NCERT books are more than enough to prepare and score well in CBSE, UP board or any other state board exams.
  • Do not forget to build in time for the things you enjoy like watching your favourite TV programme, going out with friends, playing sports and other activities which can make you feel refreshed and active again.
  • Do not get anxious about the result, there are many options beyond it. Don’t take the stress. Just stay motivated.

All the above given tips are sure to help you nail the board exams be it CBSE, UP board or any other state board exam. Till then keep preparing, keep practicing.

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