How professionals can find a resourceful mentor at work?

In the professional life, a mentor is like a guiding light which always shows the right path. Know to find an efficient and resourceful mentor at work.

Mar 16, 2018, 12:11 IST
Tips to find a resourceful mentor at work
Tips to find a resourceful mentor at work

While the skills, knowledge, and expertise make one able for efforts required for achieving goals, an efficient and resourceful teacher or a mentor makes one see the direction one needs to make efforts in. Without a teacher or a mentor, no one can know which way he/she needs to make efforts for growth and success. Hence, a teacher or a mentor is like a guiding light to those who want to achieve growth and success; especially in the most competitive corporate world. But, it’s an uphill task to find and develop a good relationship with a person who can help you to elevate both mind and your career; especially when you’re just emerging and require proper guidance to achieve growth in the industry. Don’t worry! Here, in this article, we have explained how you can find and develop good relationships with an efficient and resourceful mentor. 

Know the moral responsibilities of a mentor

You can always learn something from your mentor. It doesn’t matter how old or successful you’re; especially in your professional life. An efficient and a resourceful mentor can guide you in the right direction of success. He/she takes it as his/her moral and professional responsibilities which further strengthen his/her credibility in the fraternity. No one can be a respected mentor if he/she isn’t credible, helpful, and cooperative. Mostly, the working professionals fail to achieve their goal when they fail to find credible, helpful, and cooperative mentors to guide them. In simple word, a mentor plays an important behind the screen for the success of the professional who follows his mentor on the screen visible to the spectators.

Meet new people

To discover something valuable, you always need to explore new things that you see. Without it, you can’t find anything new or valuable; especially when you’re looking for an efficient and a resourceful mentor. Because there is no certainty about the place where you can find a person you’re looking for. It may be an official gathering or an unofficial meeting which could bring your mentor right in front of you. So, don’t hesitate to meet, or talk with new people. Instead, try to meet as many people as you can. It would somewhere help you to know about the new people which could help you to find and build a relationship with a person who can guide you to achieve growth and success.

See what qualities an efficient and resourceful mentor possesses

Meeting, interacting and building relationships with new people is no doubt good for society collectively. But, it may badly affect, especially your professional life if you select one of them who doesn’t have abilities or qualities to guide anyone to guide you. Genuinely, a mentor possesses numerous qualities, due amount of experience, skills, and knowledge which he/she gains through working in the industry for the due course of time. Without these basic qualities or abilities, no can guide or suggest anyone in a proper manner. So, be careful and make sure about all the required qualities while selecting a mentor. It would help you to find an efficient and a resourceful mentor who could help you to achieve growth and success. 

Figure out what you can learn from them

One who doesn’t know what improvement he/she need for growth and success can’t learn anything important for his/her growth and success. And growth and success can’t be imagined without improvement. For growth and success, you must simply be able to improve your performance; especially in a corporate company. So, first figure out what more you can learn from your mentor in order to improve your overall performance and learn them. It would help you enrich your overall performance which is important for achieving growth and success; especially in the corporate companies. 


To achieve growth and success in the most competitive job market, professional needs to be guided by such a person who possesses the due amount of experience in the industry and can suggest with the most effective tips and tricks to learn or achieve something. Finding such a highly experienced and qualified person isn’t easy; especially while working 9 hours in a day. But by developing understanding about the responsibilities and qualities of a good mentor and attending gatherings, you can find such a person even sometimes around you. In this article, we have elaborately explained how you can find an efficient and a resourceful mentor which could help you to receive a proper guidance for your professional growth.

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