Failed in exams? Here are 6 tips to deal with stress

In this article you will get the tips and strategies on how you can overcome the exam failure and lead to a successful future. Get to know the various positive rather than negative aspects of a failure that can help you overcome the coming challenges. Make yourself strong and bold enough to not be shaken by such devastating circumstances.

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Failed in exams
Failed in exams

Failing in exams is a nightmare for any board students, whether for class 10 or class 12 board exams.  Every year when the board results are announced by different boards i.e. CBSE board, UP board, Bihar board or any other state board, the results includes toppers as well as students who could not qualify board exams because they could not obtain qualifying marks in one or more subject. Such students go through mental turmoil because their academic record is remarked with Failure. They feel they cannot undo the result as well as their family and relatives comment too depresses them.  

Every year, the number of students committing suicide due to an exam failure, is increasing in a terrible form, which tends the nation to lose the young and talented minds.

If you fail in any exam, you should always remember that failing a board exam whether CBSE board, UP board or any other qualifying exam, is not an end of the world.

Keep in mind, when failures are dealt with sensible and serious approach then, it can become the path to success as reflected in the life stories of a number of great people.

Failure in exam should be taken as a lesson that teaches you how to proceed and achieve success.  Failing exam does not mean you cannot try again; there are always opportunities to learn and rise above failure. 


Here we discuss how students who have failed in board exams or any other competitive exam can overcome a failure and pave a way to success.  

How to deal with exam failure?

Read here ways to deal with poor results in exams–

1. Do not take stress – over thinking about exam failure is not going to change the result rather you will end up being more depressed about it. This is the most crucial time when you take action to change the result.

2. Understand the power of subconscious mind – Don’t worry if you have failed the exams, inculcate positive thoughts about taking a next attempt and give your best efforts. This way you get positive vibes and it helps you to approach your next attempt in exams efficiently.

3. Make a plan – To recover from failed results, you need to assess your priorities and learn about your strength and weaknesses that you faced in your previous exam and modify your preparation strategies accordingly.

4. Learn from past mistakes – what are the reasons that you failed the exams? The reason could be your laidback attitude with preparation, the strategy was not implemented smartly or it could be exam stress. List out such reasons and eliminate this from your second attempt to board exam.

5. Seek help – You are already traumatised by your board exam result when you were not expecting bad scores yet you failed. You need to talk about these feelings to your teachers, parents/elders or counsellors to find out effective solutions on it.

6. Never underestimate your abilities – You feel you cannot do it again; the second attempt to board exams could be a failure too.  You think the problem is your low IQ or you are not able to deal with difficulty of exams. You need to stop such things right here and do not blame yourself for the bad result. Doubting your capabilities won’t help you in any way. You have given exams in every stage of your school life and the board exams are no different.  So, take exam failure as learning for lifetime, learn from your mistakes and try again.

Conclusion: Students need to eliminate negative thoughts from their mind by discussing their feeling with others. You will get many chances and second attempts to such exams in life. These are the events that make you strong and you learn to overcome hurdles of life. Board exams or competitive exams are important because qualifying those helps you get admission in colleges. But, failing these exams does not mean your academic and career life is destroyed.

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