Tips to pull off a power nap during office hours

Feeling sleepy during the post lunch hours? Read on simple tips to pull off a power nap during office hours to recharge yourself for a productive day.

Nidhi Gupta
Feb 6, 2020, 13:42 IST

Have you ever been caught snoozing at work? Or has anyone pointed out or woke you up while you dozed off on the desk? Getting caught in a guerilla nap, especially by your manager is quite embarrassing. And while napping is not a welcoming act at workplace, contemporary organisations are paying increasing attention to this concern to save on their cost. A sleep deprived and fatigued employee is less productive than an active one. Hence, allowing power nap is a saviour for lackadaisical employee.

Researchers say that a nap has carries same magnitude of benefits as a full night sleep. Renowned organisations such as Google, Zappos, PwC and Capital One Labs are among the ones who let their employees succumb to nap at work.

Why is it OK to take a nap in office?

Napping helps an employee regain lost concentrations levels. It is quite rejuvenating and boosts productivity. It holds potential to reduce anxiety and depression that creeps in mind of an individual due to pressing deadlines and commitments. Above all, companies have understood that the barometer of organisational success lies in the health of employees. So, they don’t leave any stone unturned to keep employees in sane during the working hours.

So before you fall back on your chair with heavy eyes, take a look at these tips that will help you pull off soothing nap at your workplace:

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1. Go for a 10-20 minutes nap

Best for getting straight back to work. A 10 to 20 minutes nap is a powerful one for body and mind. It helps to release fatigue and lets you regain vigour. You can take a power nap during the tea time if your manager doesn’t let you take a nap on desk. It is best to move out of your work stations and find a place that is less crowded. Get a quick nap and keep your mobile on vibrate mode, so that it becomes easy for you to wake up after 15-20 minutes.

2. Sleep Inertia work wonders

A 30 minutes nap! It creates a sleep hangover after you wake up, so take some additional time of around 10 minutes to regain consciousness. It is advisable, that when you need a siesta of 30 minutes, seek permission of your manager, maybe in person. If your manager will be cooperative one he/she won’t stop you from it. You might experience listlessness after waking up. So have something to eat so that you are not famished when returning to work.   

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3. Try out slow wave nap

You can try this nap occasionally. This nap comprises of 60 minutes (1 hour). When you have a presentation in the post-lunch hours and you are sleep deprived, or unwell, go for slow wave nap. It acts as a best medicine to help you remember concrete facts, figures and data during the presentation.  

This nap is said to enhance cognitive memory processing. It will also keep you fresh for a big day.  

4. If not well, take full sleep cycle nap

Although this is not the kind of nap that should be taken at the workplace, but if you are unwell and find it hard to sit on your desk, try full sleep cycle nap. It is a nap wherein you can doze off for 90 minutes. Full cycle nap boosts energy levels and will also enhance your productivity. When you are to work for longer hours in office, keep aside sometime for napping!  

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Take home point

Surprisingly napping in the office is common and culturally accepted in Japan. It is because sleeping on duty is considered as a subtle sign of diligence. While you might be rebuked for napping in office, try out the power nap when you get right time from work. But don’t make napping a habit in office. Take proper sleep at night to kick start a fresh new day!

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