Top 10 emerging career opportunities for students after school – Part 2

This article will guide students who have cleared their class 12 board exams to pick up the most attractive and well-paid careers according to their aptitude and interest.

In the first part of the five article series, we shared 10 career options for students which they can pursue after school. In this second part, we will discuss 10 more career options such as Fine and Commercial Art, Fabric Designing, Hotel Industry, Media and Journalism, Law, Modelling etc.

The series will give you a good understanding of the market and also help you in selecting the jobs that are most suitable for you.

1. Fine and Commercial Art

Top career opportunities Fine and Commercial Art

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Students who are good at arts and other creative fields can make a great career in the field of Fine and Commercial Art. Most basic components of art are painting, drawing, pottery, sculpting, designing etc.   

Courses in commercial arts are offered by many universities and institutes. You can select any one institute and the course according to your liking and preference. Commercial art plays a big role in the market and commercial artists earn good amount of money by working for advertising agencies, publications, multimedia players, magazines, posters, printing, websites etc.

2. Conservation of Art

Art and artefacts have always fascinated people and they take immense pride in possessing any piece of art like paintings, sculpture, statues, earthenware, ceramics etc.

But one problem with these precious pieces of art and artefacts is that without proper and specialised care and upkeep the valuable works of art will deteriorate. One cannot stop this process of decay but it can be delayed.

This method of preserving artwork is termed Conservation of Art. It is done by the maintenance of the works of art and controlling the environment that might harm them. It also includes restoration and conservation work.

Artwork and artefacts are priced very high hence their conservation requires meticulous efforts which cost a lot of money. This is where professionals trained in art conservation are required and for their job they are paid hefty amounts.

3. Fabric Designing

Top career opportunities Fabric Designing

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Fabric Designing is rather a new field but becoming very popular and in demand. More and more youngsters are taking up fabric designing as it includes fashion, trends, and textile designing. It is very similar to fashion designing and involves big names from the industry and also very good money and fame.

4. Export

This is one field which involves relations among countries. You can start export after getting a license and other approvals from the government. Since India’s exports have gone up significantly over the years, you can be assured of very good results if you take up this field.

Exports also bring a lot of foreign exchange thus helping the economy of the country, making it a sound and reliable career option. Being in the market will connect you to many other professionals thereby growing your network.

5. Hotel Industry

Top career opportunities Hotel Industry

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Hospitality or Hotel Industry as it is commonly known is very popular and fast growing industry in India. The number of foreign tourists is increasing every year and so are the opportunities for professionals associated with the hotel industry. This field offers very good payment as well as international exposure.

You can go for courses in hotel management offered by many institutes and make a great career.

6. Media and Journalism

Top career opportunities Media and Journalism

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Media and Journalism are counted under Media only, whether electronic, print or online. Media is a challenging and vibrant field that offers many different careers. You can enrol for courses in mass communication depending on your interest and make a great career as a journalist, reporter, designer, producer, photographer etc. and earn money and fame both.

7. Law

Top career opportunities Law

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A career in law might be viewed with cynicism but it is an inseparable part of our democratic system. In fact, the judiciary is also called one of the three pillars of our democratic set-up. You can start your career as an intern after obtaining a degree in law.

When you start your own practice you can demand your fees as per the case and the stipulated norms of the field. At any given time you will not only be thoroughly familiar with the law of the land but also earn good money, sometimes in the tune of lakhs per hearing, i.e. if you are able to do exceptionally well and gain a lot of fame over a period of time.

8. Librarian

If you love reading and books are your best friend then this profession is tailor made for you. Libraries at various places are always looking for a competent and well-trained librarian to take very good care of the books, catalogues, newspapers, tabloids, bulletins, magazines, etc. in the collection and maintain a complete record of the volumes that are already there and ask for new collection if it is required.

9. Master of Business Management (MBM)

For those with business on their minds, Master of Business Management (MBM) is a near perfect choice. With more and more small and medium scale businesses coming up, the demand for MBMs is also growing, making a career in business management very important.

Globalisation of business has made this field even more lucrative and spread out. There are plenty of job opportunities for MBMs.

10. Modelling

The very mention of modelling brings to mind the glamour world of fashion and movies. Many models, both men and women have entered the movie industry after earning a lot of fame and money.

indian female model


There are certain prerequisites to be a successful model. You need to have a good height, good and shapely physique and figure, an attractive face and personality, and good communication skills among others. You can get your portfolio made by a verified and authentic modelling agency which will further recommend you to clients.

Initially, the client might pay you a small amount but once you are established then there’s no looking back. Money and fame will follow automatically.

This is the second part of our five-part series. The third part will follow soon.

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