Top 10 emerging career opportunities for students after school – Part 3

This part of the article will guide students who have cleared their class 12 board exams to pick up the most attractive and well-paid careers according to their aptitude and interest.

In the second part of the five article series, we shared 10 career options for students which they can pursue after school. In this third part, we will discuss 10 more career options such as Merchant Navy, Publishing, Packaging, Indian Railways, and Public Relations etc.

The series will give you a good understanding of the market and also help you in selecting the jobs that are most suitable for you.

1. Merchant Navy

Top career opportunities Merchant Navy

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Students who love to travel long distances by sea can make a great career in Merchant Navy. Merchant Navy is broadly defined as ‘a non-combatant commercial fleet which mainly transports shipments and goods and if required passengers as well.’

Merchant Navy is considered as a very flourishing career and it also provides the professionals with opportunities to visit many new places, meet new people, and earn very good money.

2. Publishing

The essential role of a publisher is to gather the raw manuscript from various writers and authors and make it into an attractive piece of literature. This process involves editing of the text, providing it with the right topic and sub-topics, give pictures and other features wherever required, packaging the final product, and sell it into the market.

Since a lot of new writers and organisations want their literature to reach the masses, publishing is a thriving career and highly lucrative.

3. Packaging

The success of any product that is sold in the market depends mainly on its quality and efficiency. But if the product is not packaged properly, chances are that many customers might not purchase it. Hence packaging is a vital part to market and sell a product as it adds beauty to the product thus adding to its value. The importance of packaging has resulted in an increased demand for qualified professionals who can provide the best packaging.

4. Railways

Top career opportunities Railways

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Indian Railways is fully owned and managed by the Central Government and is the third largest rail network in the world according to sources. It attends to millions of passengers daily, along with carrying lots of goods and cargo.

The government is constantly looking to improve and modernise railway network and for this purpose they keep on hiring professionals from various fields. The salary structure of railway staff is in accord with the Central Pay Commission Recommendations. This ensures that railway employees get the best of pay and benefits offered by the government. 

5. Printing

Printing is a distant but essential part of any publishing or media. It is very much like packaging which gives a lot of support in the selling of the product as a well printed and high quality copy will attract more customers.

You can set up a printing press with even a small amount and expand it further. Nowadays, computers are being used at almost every stage of printing and new and better software has increased the efficiency of the printing industry. Also, printing is not just limited to text but includes images, graphs, illustrations, sketches, diagrams etc.  A diploma course in Printing Technology will help you to start as a trainee and as you learn you can mark your own space in the industry and earn very good money.

6. Public Relations (PR)

The role of the PR is to create a clean, positive, and pleasant image of an individual and an organisation among the masses. This image building is very important for the individuals and organisations to capture the market and sell their services to the maximum number of clients. Actors, sportspersons, models, fashion designers, business houses avail the services of PR managers and agencies for publicity and promotion as they have to be in the news and visible to the masses.

You can take up different programmes that impart training in Public Relations. Once you are active in the field you can tie-up with prospective clients. It is a well paying job that will introduce you to new, influential people.

7. Social Work

Top career opportunities Social Work

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Social Work requires a deep knowledge of the human psyche and emotions. It is mostly voluntary but gives a lot of self satisfaction. To be a social worker you need to learn and imbibe the basic traits of the field. It is advised that initially you actively involve yourself with a few projects like visiting the sick at hospitals, start a drive to collect clothes for the poor, advocate tree planting, organising blood donation camps, etc.

You can also join an NGO and lend your services for which you will be paid a reasonable amount which can always be increased with time.

8. Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing are all about marketing a product and service in such a way that they capture the attention of prospective buyers and devise strategies to sell them to the maximum number of customers. For any product to be successful, it is extremely crucial that the sales and marketing department is efficient and knows how to sell the products and services.

Every organisation invests a lot of money and resources to build the sales and marketing department and individuals as well and they are paid very big amounts as well as other perks and benefits.

9. Sports

Top career opportunities sports

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Gone are the days when sports were considered a waste of time, now many successful sportspersons have proved that not only sports make for a great career but also attracts loads of money and fame. Sachin Tendulkar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Rafael Nadal, and MS Dhoni are very good examples.

With more and more business houses and multinational companies sponsoring sports events and players, it is indeed a money-spinning career. Not only this, sports persons secure their future by getting a job using the sports quota.

10. Teaching

Top career opportunities Teaching

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As the education sector is expanding and becoming more and more competitive, the demand for expert teachers is also increasing. These teachers impart training in specialised subjects as well as academics.

So whether you take up the job of a subject teacher or any sport, computer sciences, martial arts, electronics etc. you can be assured of good pay package and benefits.

This is the third part of our five-part series. The fourth part will follow soon.

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