Top 10 emerging career opportunities for students after school – Part 5

This fifth and last part of the article will guide students who have cleared their class 12 board exams to pick up the most attractive and well-paid careers according to their aptitude and interest.

In the fourth part of the five article series, we shared 10 career options for students which they can pursue after school. In this fifth and last part, we will discuss 10 more career options such as Computers, Pharmacy, Armed Forces, Photography, Medical Transcription etc.

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The series will give you a good understanding of the market and also help you in selecting the jobs that are most suitable for you.

1. Computers

Computers have revolutionised the entire industry, and with the more improved and sophisticated programmes and software, the lives of people have become easier and better. In fact, such is the dominance of computers that we cannot imagine our daily lives without them.

This is the reason that the demand for software professionals from different fields is on the rise. Apart from software engineers, hardware engineers are also equally in demand.

2. Pharmacy

Pharmacy broadly deals with medicines and related drugs. It is related to the subject of chemistry. In pharmacy, you will study about the origin of the drug and its chemical structure. In the past few years, pharmacy industry has grown substantially. In a layman’s language, a pharmacist is the chemist who sells medicines, works in drug manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. They are involved in the process of manufacture of medicines.

3. Paramedicine

Paramedicine is the practice that primarily involves Emergency Medical Services (EMS), such as on an ambulance, scene of an accident or disaster, in the Emergency Ward, and patients who need on the spot first-aid. Paramedicine is the sum of the roles and responsibilities of individuals trained and certified as EMS practitioners.

As a paramedic, you will have an extremely crucial role to play since you will be the first professional to attend to the patient before the specialist physician or surgeon. Paramedics are highly respected and also very well paid professionals.

4. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is related to the field of medicine. It is basically about caring for someone and bringing them back to health and normal life by using physiotherapy. It involves exercise therapy either by manual methods or specially made equipment and machinery.

The demand for qualified and well-trained physiotherapists is rising and they are very well paid too. They can work in hospitals and nursing homes or do private practice.

5. Veterinarian

Veterinarian or Vet as they are called, are the doctors who treat sick animals and birds. This field is very much suitable for animal and bird lovers since they will get to provide a healing touch to sick or injured animals and birds. They also conduct surgical operations if required.

As more and more people are keeping pets, the demand for veterinarians is increasing tremendously.

6. Photography

Since its inception, photography has come a long way and developed into a very sophisticated art. Most of us click pictures just for fun or for our private collection. In the past few years, mobile phones with cameras have become very popular too. So if you are passionate about this art then you can develop it into a great and highly paid career.

To be a professional photographer you have to take lessons and equipment training from an accredited institute. Once you get into the field there is no looking back as there is a lot of work on offer.

7. Armed Forces

The mere mention of the word ‘soldier’ makes us feel proud of our valiant and fearless jawans who protect and safeguard the borders of our country as well as internal conflicts.

Making a career in the armed forces is a dream come true for many young men and women. You can either opt for military or paramilitary forces. You have to be in very good physical and mental condition and meet all the parameters to be qualified. Once you get selected and put on the uniform imagine the satisfaction and pride you will feel, apart from the love and respect of your countrymen.

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8. Oceanography

Oceanography deals with the physical and biological properties and facts of the sea. It is about discovering the secrets of the mammoth water bodies and finding pieces of information about the life in them. Of the entire land, oceans cover about 70 percent of the area and they are full of many different kinds of stones, granites, minerals, marine life and a lot more.

The government encourages the study of oceans and for that, it offers different programmes. A career in oceanography is adventurous as well as rewarding.

9. Medical Transcription (MT)

Medical Transcription (MT) is the process of converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and healthcare professionals into text format. Doctors keep an organised record of the medical history of their patients which is often huge. With the IT revolution, an increasing number of people are opting for a career in medical transcription thus helping the doctors in maintaining the records.

Since doctors hardly get time to prepare records on their own they hire the services of MT professionals.

10. Polytechnic

Polytechnic involves teaching and training of applied arts and sciences rather than academic subjects. It prepares individuals to cater to the ever increasing requirement of the skilled workforce at different levels and for different industries.

It ensures that there is no shortage of competent professionals in the industry.  There are many polytechnic institutes that offer training, both under the governments and privately managed.

This is the fifth and final part of our five-part series. We hope that this series will guide you to the best career according to your choice, talent, and aptitude.

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