Top Highest Paid Jobs of 2020 in India

These are some of the top highest paid jobs of 2020 in India that will help you grow financially. Choosing any of the above fields as your career will surely help you gain an edge over others.

Top Highest Paying Jobs of this Year in India
Top Highest Paying Jobs of this Year in India

Scott Alexandar has said precisely, “Making Money is a Hobby that will beautifully compliment any other Hobbies you have”. This quote shows the aspirations of a person who is willing to pursue his career in a field that supports and give fuel to his latent talent. And indeed planning a career that lets you lead a luxurious life is a dream that everyone wants to live. To help you lead a life in the lap of luxury, we have come up with a list of some of the top highest paid jobs of 2020 in India. These are one of the best options that you can consider to make money and grow many folds financially. 

List of Top Highest Paid Jobs of 2020 in India

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Software Engineer
  • App Developer
  • Pilot
  • Doctor  
  • Cricket Player
  • Actor
  • Investment Banker
  • Lawyer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer/ Data Scientist
  • Database Architects  
  • RBI Jobs   
  • University Professor  
  • IT Professional
  • Technical Writer  
  • SEO Experts
  • ONGC Professionals  
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Manager

Now here, you can read the details of some of the top highest paid jobs of 2019 in India so that, you can make your mind to choose one for you among these jobs:

Career Counseling

Investment Bankers

As an investment banker, you can dream of a really bright future. A lavish life and splurging huge sums of money in what your heart wishes to chase. Just like in the movie ‘Ye Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,’ Hritik Roshan (who plays an investment banker), lives the best of his life, you can dream of living a king size life like him.  

If you envision your future working in a financial institution, dealing with capital for companies, governments and other entities, managing huge sums of money, dealing in large mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and much more activities then this is the right  profession to get into. In short, you have the big responsibility of managing money and making it grow multiple times. Before venturing you career in this field, take a look at the salary packages that will be offered to you as an investment banker.   

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 12 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 30 LPA

Experienced: Rs 50 LPA

Chartered Accountants

Basically, if you are stuck with any financial issue, these people are there you help you get out of the financial mess. Be it GST reform or any change in the taxation policy of the government, salary related issues or how to save the tax money, they will come to your rescue.

CAs work in every part of the economy irrespective of the nature and type of industry. They are the backbone of our economy and provide advice and financial expertise in managing the finances effectively. A CA is an expert in a providing a range of accountancy, audit and tax services to clients such as individuals, business and even management consultancies.

This profession has ample scope and needless to say, if you are planning careers to become a Chartered Accountant, then do not give a second thought. You will be paid well and the figures given below are a proof of your financial growth.

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 5.5 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 12.80 LPA

Experienced: Rs 25.70 LPA

IT & Software Engineers

The extensive growth which IT boom has brought in the services sector of India is in itself a proof of planning a career in this field. The top multinational organisations of the world praise the quality of the Indian IT and Software engineers are look forward to hire them.

The world is moving towards the digital platform and initiatives such as ‘Digital India’ are an added boon for these professionals to join this industry. Education industry, robotics in the manufacturing industry, E-Commerce and everywhere, software engineers are in demand. Depending upon their skills and precision required on the job, their salaries are defined.

A lot of entrepreneurial firm hire software and IT professional because they are the backbone of the digital industry. Without their help, a business would not be able to reach the global consumers. The salary given below also supports the fact that these professionals are valued to run the business. 

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 3.5 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 8.3 LPA

Experienced: Rs 15.5 LPA

Oil & Natural Gas Professionals

In a report by IBM (Business Monitor International), it was revealed that between the years 2015 to 2020, the refinement of oil capacity in Asia Pacific will grow by 4.26%. Another finding says that 36% of India’s primary energy utilization is fulfilled by oil. Further, it was also found that India will be one of the largest consumers of crude oil and together with China. Both the nations will be accountable for 35% of the worlds incremental energy demand.

A career in this domain might also give you an opportunity to visit the middle-eastern nations that have ample reserves of oil and natural gas. Experts associated in this profession are paid well and are involved in helping the economy become self-reliant.

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 3.5 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 8.3 LPA

Experienced: Rs 12 to 15.50 LPA with additional perks

Business Analysts

Are you a problem solver? Do you feel good while offering solutions to the tricky problems? If these traits are in your genes then you must consider becoming a business analyst. But remember that your love for numbers and analytical blend of mind are additional qualities that are a must have in this domain.  

As a business analyst, you will be approached time and again for developing technical solutions to business problems. People do not rely on the age old technology rather there are new software solutions to scan and dig the data to predict the future growth of business. For such issues, you will be paid hefty salary. You will be considered as a great resource because your data will help the organisation to develop strategies and long-term plans.

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 6 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 8.5 LPA

Experienced: Rs 11.50 LPA

Doctors / Medical Professionals

A medieval Jewish philosopher, Maimonides once said that “The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it.” A man from all walks of life will see you next to god because they trust you for saving their life. Needless to say that, the scope of this profession will never see a downfall, because in an average lifespan of a person, seeing a doctor has become a regular routine.

Even for those who want to spend a healthy lifestyle and are not suffering from any disease, visiting a doctor is mandatory to increase their life expectancy. For a doctor, the initial stages of his career require quite hard work. But, after you get equipped with the complications involved and understand the nuances of handling a patient, you can also start your separate practise.

Medical practitioners have a huge scope of earning when they get associated with healthcare brands and work for them as part-time doctors. So, once you become a doctor, there is no looking back in the life. You will be the panacea for all the patients suffering from ailments.

Salary Package

Fresher: Rs 4.8 LPA

Intermediate: Rs 8.10 LPA

Experienced: Rs 17 LPA

Lawyers / Legal Experts

A career plan of envisioning yourself as a lawyer will serve dual interests of serving as a social worker and earn hefty fees for the job done well. As a lawyer, you will never face dearth of work because there are lakhs of cases (be it criminal, civil, corporate or any other) that are still stacked and awaiting justice. 

There are many businesses that hire their personal lawyers and pay hefty sums of salary to them. After all a lawyer has the moral responsibility of acting as protective shield for the organisation from any outside threat. In the era where ‘consumer is the king’, the lawyer helps the organisations to settle the claims and save the brand from getting tarnished. 

An added boon is the status of the lawyer which is looked upon with high esteem and respect. For any legal issues, you will always come to the rescue of the individual/group/party/organisation in trouble. In case you do not wish to get associated with any organisation, you can always begin your persona practise. It is your talent to win and manage the case and client both which will give you name and fame along with the price that you quote for your services. 

Salary Package

Individual Practice – Senior Attorney: 9.5 LPA

Corporate Lawyer: 5 – 6 LPA starting

These are some of the top highest paid jobs of 2019 in India that will help you grow financially. Choosing any of the above fields as your career will surely help you gain an edge over others.

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