Top 5 morning habits of straight-a students

Ever wondered what routine do the straight-a student's follow? Check out some of their success mantras here.

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Top 5 morning habits of straight-a students
Top 5 morning habits of straight-a students

If you randomly stop any student in a college campus and ask them, 'do you want to be a topper?' Their straight away answer would be, 'yeah, who doesn't?' But unless you are a born genius, scoring good marks is a tough task, it requires hard work. College life can be really taxing for students at times. The newly found freedom of college life sometimes deviates students from the academic track and affects their grades.

Even the ones who were toppers in school struggle to get good grades in college. You may study for hours, make notes, read all the prescribed resource books still might not happen to be the top scorer. And then there are others, who hardly study yet when the results come they somehow magically manage to score straight A's. Looking at them you sure must feeling like forcing their secrets out from them. It seems like they hardly ever have to put in any effort, but that isn't true. Even when it seems effortless, a lot of top graded student are actually putting in a lot of effort in their academics.

So what is it exactly that they are doing? They sure won't spill these secrets out to you. But here are some morning routine habits of straight A students that every student must follow -

SNOOZE  - A Big No, No.

As the famous proverb goes, 'Early to bed, Early to rise.' Maybe not the first half but second half is surely followed by these students like a religious routine. The early mornings are a peaceful time and are perfect for a quite study session especially during the exam times. Most us are used to waking up early during the school age but the habit slowly fades away in college. The topper students manage to maintain this habit even then. They may or may not use it to study but they sure wake up early and put that time to use by playing some sport, exercising or any other physical workout.

Like majority of people they too set alarms in their phones, but they for sure don't press snooze every few minutes. They wake up at the first ring of the alarm.

Leave your bedroom, fully prepped

Getting up from bed early alone isn't enough. Because, if you just wander about half sleepy and aimlessly you might just as well go back to sleep.  Developing an early morning routine means to do something productive and meaningful with your time. Loitering around all day in pajamas sounds like a very good option, but its best left for weekends. Going to college you must be fully alert and awake, walking around in your night clothes would only make you feel dull and sleepy. So make sure when you leave your room you are all freshened up.

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Have a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the first and the most important meal of the day. But guilty as charged we all know when in college most of us tend to skip breakfast altogether. We hardly ever wake up on time and just rush to classes as if we have a mad dog at our trail. Missing out on breakfast isn't healthy for anyone let alone students. A commonly spoken saying about the three meals of the day states that one should eat the breakfast like a king. And eating breakfast doesn't mean grabbing a some leftover pizza from the night before or stuffing up on junk food from that food van behind college. Breakfast means a proper healthy  breakfast like eggs, milk, juice, poha or something like that.  

Early Morning Exercise routine

'A healthy body hosts a healthy mind,' these students are great believers of this saying. They understand the importance of a holistic development. Thus, they invest their time in some sort of physical activity also along with their studies. Joining a sport and going to early morning practices, or hitting the gym, going for a jog or cycling or meditating they keep themselves involved in some sort of exercise routine. This is good not just for your health but it also helps improving your academic performance by keeping you active and energetic all day long.

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Mornings are a 'ME' time  -

Of late, the first thing we check after waking up in the morning is our social media feed. So accustomed we have become to the habit that we reach out for our phones without even realizing it. But, all this just one more minute while staring intently at your device screens is nothing more than precious time wasted. Mornings are meant to be a 'me' time, peaceful and quiet with no disturbances and worries about the things awaiting you as the day moves on. It's your time to reflect and reminisce. Appreciate the quiet and the calm that would soon turn into a loud blaring musical band with no tune. It's not something to be wasted away scrolling down your social media news feeds.


Here you go, now you too are the part of the elite group with the knowledge of the straight A student's success mantras. But how many of these points were actually previously unknown to you? Surely, none of them. The only thing is that you never paid much attention to them. The difference between a straight A student and a mediocre one is just that the first one puts their knowledge to action and the latter is happy just knowing things. Many might say, the points mentioned above are easily done anyone can do that. But no, if it were so easy everyone would be doing them. Forget about following all these pointers, the very thought of waking up early morning is scary as hell for most. But as the famous saying goes, 'to gain something you got to lose something'. In the end, it's all about applying the knowledge yourself, just knowing things won't do the trick. 

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