Top 7 books on Indian cricketers that will inspire you

Life is just like cricket, where every day is different from the previous day. These books on famous Indian Cricketers are exactly the reflection of how to face every challenge with determination and positive intent.

Created On: Jul 13, 2019 16:05 IST
Top 7 books on Indian cricketers that will inspire you
Top 7 books on Indian cricketers that will inspire you

The World Cup 2019 Campaign for India is over as India lost to New Zealand in the Semi Final. However, everything is not lost yet, India as a team is still going strong. Not every day is same and there can be some odd days where batsman can get out on zero and bowlers can go for plenty of runs.

Life is full of ups and downs, and one need to stay focused and motivated at every situation. These books on Indian Cricketers tell exactly how they faced every challenge with positive intent and strong will power:

1. Playing it my Way 

No wonder, a due share of credit goes to Sachin Tendulkar for the rise and popularity of Indian cricket. Sachin is considered as the God of Cricket and there are lots of thing to learn from his from cricketing career. In this book, he has described how he groomed as a cricketer and what inspired him to perform so well that too on consistent basis. Everything from this debut to retiring from world cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has written everything in this book that will certainly amaze you.

Read this book to find out more about the Master Blaster

2. Captain Cool: The M.S. Dhoni Story 

Dhoni is not only about a smart and skilled captain who entertains you by hitting helicopter sixes or through backhand throw to runout a batsman. There is a challenging story hidden behind the backdrop of his flamboyant which you to need to know. Hailing from Ranchi, Dhoni’s journey from a ticket collector to becoming the captain of Indian Cricket National team is really breathtaking.

This book is bound to inspire and motivate you to pursue your dreams. Read the book now

3. A Century Is Not Enough

Sourav Ganguly is considered arguably India’s best captain and his cricketing journey has been a roller-coaster ride to success. He taught the Indian team to work as a unified unit and play with confidence. Under his leadership, a new face of Indian team was seen. He taught the Indian team to win matches in foreign land. However, all was not good for Ganguly when Greg Chappel was appointed as Indian Coach. Right from his controversial exit from the team to his positive comeback, Ganguly has opened his heart in this book.

If you really want to know how to overcome challenges and handle pressure at every phase of life, read this book.


4. Yuvraj Singh The Test of My Life

The Test of My Life is written by Yuvraj Singh is about his journey from cricket to cancer and again back to cricket. This is a breathtaking book about the life of Yuvraj Singh that will not only inspire you but also challenge you to move ahead in life irrespective of the problems and difficulties. If there is something to learn from the game of cricket, this book on the life of Yuvraj Singh is the answer.

Read this book and learn the way of overcoming big challenges

5. 281 and Beyond

Even a person with slightest of interest in cricket would remember the epic win of India against Australia in the 2001 test match at Eden Gardens, Kolkata where VVS Laxman scored 281 runs. This book written by VVS Laxman himself tells about his learning experience and unfavorable moments under the guidance of John Wright and Greg Chappel respectively.

Right from the dressing room talks to his challenging career, he talks about everything in this Book.

Read the book to find out the surprise

6. Wide Angle 

Remember Anil Kumble taking 10 wickets in a test innings against Pakistan? There is lot more than that if you closely observe Kumble’s cricketing journey. Do you know about his love for photography? Yes, he is a passionate photographer and this book includes all his master class images that you need to see to experience the game of cricket from a new angle.

Read the book and travel the journey of cricket

7. A Biography of Rahul Dravid 

Rahul Dravid is popularly known as The Wall due to his persistence and amazing skill of staying at the wicket for ages. Dravid is also valued for his behavior, temperament and pressure handling skills. This book includes stories on important interviews, memoirs and reunion with teammates, which will teach a new lesson of life management.

Read this book and get to know about Dravid’s interesting cricketing journey

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