Top Distance Learning Institutes in Kerala

Kerala has some of the top distance learning institutes, which are ranked among the top 50 in India.

Feb 3, 2011 16:55 IST
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Top Distance Learning Institutes in Kerala
Top Distance Learning Institutes in Kerala

Situated on the southern part of the Indian peninsula, Kerala boasts of many higher educational institutes. Some of these also provide distance learning programs at both under graduate as well as Post Graduate level. The distance learning education is a flexible concept that enables a number of students to fulfil their dream of pursuing higher education. Especially the housewives and the working professionals get benefited from these schools, where they can look forward to their career advancement.

Kerala harbours a few higher educational distance learning institutes, which are ranked among the top 50 distance learning institutes in India. Kerala has always promoted the need of education and that is why it has been home to many top-notch educational institutes of the country. Distance learning institutes in Kerala work with an aim to make education easily accessible to the less-advantaged section of the population in and around the state. Read on to find out the top distance learning institutes in Kerala, which have been assessed on the basis of quality of education provided, faculty, courses offered and the medium of imparting education used.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi University – Established on 2nd October in 1983, Mahatama Gandhi University is popularly known as MG University. Being recognized by the UGC, some 223 colleges are affiliated to this University that are spread over five districts in Kerala. It offers a number of academic programs in vast variety of subjects including the professional ones like Hospital Administration.
    The School of Distance Education of the MG University was brought into existence to take education beyond the four walls of a campus. It has many courses on its plate to offer to the students. These are BBM, BCA, BCom, BSc, BTS, MBA, MCA, MCom, MSc IT and MSc Mathematics. One can also apply for Master’s degree in Multimedia, Sociology and English & Literature.
  2. University of Calicut – Situated in Thenjipalam, the University of Calicut was established in 1968. The School of Distance Education was started in 1981 with a vision of reaching to more number of students through providing off-campus education. The University is famously known for its highly qualified and experienced faculty in Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Malayalam, English, Physical Education and History. At present the School of Distance Education offers 16 under graduate, 13 Post Graduate and two diploma programs.
    The students studying in this School are provided with printed study material and they are expected to go through training sessions and various contact programs. Students can enroll in various courses through the 18 institutes spread over different Indian states. Every year more than 30 thousands students are admitted to this School.
  3. University of Kerala – Established in 1937, the University of Kerala is located in the capital of the state. It has got 16 faculties that work through 41 departments. The University provides affiliation to more than 80 colleges, which impart programs in various different fields including Engineering, Arts and Medical. The University started its Institute of Distance Education in 1976. Though it is situated in the campus itself, it imparts off-campus education.
    Students can apply for distance learning educational programs at both under graduate as well as Post Graduate level. Moreover, certain certificate and diploma programs are also offered for courses such as Communication and Journalism, Development Neurology, Health Science Research, Travel and Tourism Management, Beauty Therapy and many more.
    Kerala has always been one of the states in India that has been pro-active in maintaining and enhancing the educational knowledge. With the aim of providing education to every individual, it has come up some distance learning institutes for career enhancement of those who cannot attend regular courses.


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