Top Mantras to Crack IIT JEE

In this article you will find various mantras which will add to your efforts toward IIT JEE Main Examination.

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Top Mantras to Crack IIT JEE
Top Mantras to Crack IIT JEE

In this article you will find various mantras which will add to your efforts toward IIT JEE Main Examination. There are many things that a JEE aspirant should keep in his mind before appearing the exam. These includes – planning, time management, speed and accuracy, smart work, hard work, setting targets etc. A detailed view of the same is given in this article.

1. Start Early

“Early Bird catches the Straw.” Though, it is an old saying but still relevant. While interacting with students and parents in one to one or in a group they often seem clueless about the right stage to start preparation for JEE. Going through the curriculum prescribed by CBSE for 9th to 12th, there is a huge gap between the syllabi of 9th, 10th and 11th, 12th. If a student is clear about opting Engineering or Medicine as a career he/she must get mentally prepared for the same in the beginning of class 9th. If by chance early choice is missed class 10th is not that far to begin with. Preparation from this stage will set things in right direction and transition from 10th to 11th will be an enjoyable experience.

2. Plan your preparation

Thoughts are endless; therefore, unless we plan well we won’t be able to achieve what we expect to. It is rightly said "One who fails to plan, plans to fail." Planning and implementation both must go side by side. It must address the following core points:

  • Evaluate before starting: Each one of us is unique. Present scenario offers a lot of career option in different fields. One must be clear with their interest area.
  • Strength and Weaknesses: A student must analyse their ability and interest in handling Science and Mathematics. Students with the analytical bent of mind for science and math are the right candidate.
  • Self Study or External Help: Self study has no substitute. One can clear these exams with focussed and sincere effort without any external help. Once you are through with the entire syllabus joining a test series will help you to evaluate your level among peers. External help [Coaching] offers help to those who are sincere in their efforts. 
  • Time Management: Giving equal importance to all the three subjects is a prerequisite. Dividing your time in a balanced manner for school work and preparation for JEE is very important. The all India rank in JEE Main is based upon your score in Board Exam and Entrance test, therefore, ignorance of either may be disastrous.
  • Divide preparation into different levels: Divide your entire preparation into 3 stages i.e. 1) Board 2) JEE MAIN and then 3) Advanced. Completing NCERT textbook and its exercise is a prerequisite. Once you are through with this, solving MCQ's for JEE Main will work as a revisionary tool and will boost your confidence. Any missing links must be revised properly and thoroughly at this juncture before proceeding to the exercise of JEE ADVANCED level. After completing this level, you must check yourself with previous year JEE Papers.


3. Speed and Accuracy: Solving problems in steps eliminates many possible errors. In the starting stage of preparation, one must focus on accuracy first. Once the high level of accuracy is achieved then attempting more number of questions in lesser time should be the target.

4.  Smart work Vs Hard work: Finding a shorter method and using the correct formula is a challenge. The focused approach, reading standard textbooks, analysis of theories and derivations leads to formulating own concepts about a topic. This process helps to remember and recall the formulas to be used and their interconnection. More you correlate better would be the approach to solving a problem.

5. Sincere Effort: The preparation of JEE is not a week or month's task. To get through this, one has to put regular, focused and sincere effort for the entire period of two years. Sincere and regular studies for the same are a must.

6. Setting Targets: For a starter targets must be small and achievable and ought to be set on one's own pace. The achievements of target boost the confidence. The confidence, in turn, encourages one to achieve a bigger target. For all this to happen one must stay healthy, undistracted and out of negativities.

6.5. Good Luck: A healthy mind with less distraction and continuously focused effort invites good luck to their lives. The last but not the least every event is controlled by nature and our surroundings. Your good habits, disciplined behaviour, respect for elders, prayer to God etc do bring good luck, positive energy and sincerity.

All the best!!

Author Name: Sanjay K Thakur, HOD Chemistry

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