Top Mass Communication Schools in Bihar

Being a hub of education, Bihar has a number of top Mass Communication colleges.

Feb 4, 2011 15:25 IST
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Top Mass Communication Schools in Bihar
Top Mass Communication Schools in Bihar

Following its inheritance of providing the best education, Bihar still has some of the most premier institutes in the country. Whether it is conventional courses or professional, Bihar boasts of some of the best educational institutes. From Management education to Journalism, you can find a number of educational organisations fulfilling the creed of knowledge here in Bihar. Here is a list of top Mass Communication schools in Bihar, which have been evaluated keeping in mind the education, faculty, placement process and infrastructure.

  1. Jai Prakash Vishwavidyalaya Considered among the largest universities in Bihar, Jai Prakash Vishwavidyalaya is no doubt the best choice for Mass Communication courses in this state. Started in 1976, it focuses mainly on providing vocational and professional courses as to bridge the gap between education and financial status of the locals of Bihar. Considering the requirement of professional courses, this university has recently come up with programs in Mass Communication and Journalism besides others.
  2. Bihar Institute of Film and Television – It is one of the most emerging educational institutes in the state. Besides the major programs in Mass Communication and Journalism, it also offers creative courses like diploma in film editing, diploma in videography, diploma in acting and diploma in direction. It offers degree programs in Advertising and Public Relations. Situated in Patna, the capital of Bihar, BIFT is known for its film making and film production courses.
  3. Gaya College Affiliated to Magadh University, Gaya College is one of the premier colleges of Bihar established in 1944. It has recently added programs in Mass Communication in its curriculum to be on level with other colleges providing professional and vocational courses. One of the famous courses here is offered in Advertising, which focuses on production techniques and methods.
  4. Lalit Narayan Mithila University Started in 1972, LNMU is now located in Darbhanga, in Mithila. The University is known for its national as well international linkages. The lush green surroundings of the campus provide a conducive environment for creative courses like bachelor programs in Mass Communication and Post Graduate programs in Mass Communication and Journalism. It is equipped with some of the most modern facilities for the students.
  5. Patna Women's College Located in the capital of Bihar, Patna Women’s College was established in 1940 to empower women of the state through education. Being an integral part of the Patna University, this college is has recently launched its professional courses including Mass Communication and Journalism. Other vocational courses related to the field of media include programs in Communicative English with Media Studies, Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management.
  6. Patna University Being the seventh oldest University of India, the Patna University was established during the British Raj. With the changing times and requirements of the programs, this university has started vocational and professional courses for its students. It has specialized Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism that aims to create ethical and responsible journalists in the country. 
  7. Nalanda Open University For those who cannot go for a regular college to attain a degree or diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism, the Nalanda Open University offers distance learning professional programs. It offers a one-year Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication and is considered among the top Mass Communication programs in Bihar.


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