Top money saving apps for college students

Struggling to save money in college? Try out these money saving apps to save some extra bucks on your shopping deals.

Jan 3, 2020, 15:13 IST
Top money saving apps for college students
Top money saving apps for college students

As a college students, saving money is quite essential to one's survival. There are many tricks that students pick up to make the best of their college life in the minimal expenses at their disposal. From finding the cheapest store that offers the best quality products to utilizing the their college id cards to avail student discounts at various stores and places students find various ways and methods to save money.

But did it ever occur to you that you might be carrying around the best money saving weapon on you all the time. No, can't think of anything. Well don't no need to put unnecessary strain on your brain the device we are talking about is none other than your smart phone. Yes, the very device without which the youth of today cannot imagine a life.

Believe it or not, your smart phone is  the treasure house of money saving tricks. There is literally an abundance of money saving apps available on your smart phones. Here are some of the best money saving apps available for students.

Best money saving apps for students


One of the biggest culprit in draining your saving is the habit of eating out daily. But what if you could make new recepies right at your home every day. Epicurious helps you avoid the trouble of having to order food from a restaurant every time you get hunger pangs. What's more interesting is that it also helps you plan your recepies. The app has more than 35,000 recepies for you to search from with the best part being that you can filter them based on the ingredients in your kitchen, recepie difficulty level and  more such factors.


College life means living away from in a different city or even a different country altogether at times. Which in turn means hefty expenses of booking flight tickets back home. Most of the students start looking for tickets, months in advance to save on the prices and get the best deals. But what if an app can save you all the trouble of searching the best deals on flight tickets. It helps you plan wisely and save great deals on money. The best part of using this app is that it doesn't just tell you the cheapest available flight but also predicts the prices in advance. You can also rely on hopper to tell you the best time to buy the tickets.

Money Lover

Saving money not just means cutting back on your expenses but also to manage your expenses. Money tracker is an app that helps you keep track of the money you spend. You can easily manage all your finances with this app. They place your expenses in various categories so as to make it easier for you to see what activity consumes what percentage of your salary and reduce them shall the need arises.  

Crown It

For those who love to eat out this apps comes as a blessing. If you have not already downloaded the app it's high time you download it. Using this app is quite simple whenever you go to eat out search for the place on the app. And once you have paid the bill , click a picture of it and upload it on the app. Once the bill you have uploaded is approved you can get a cash back of up to 50% on your bill amount. Collect those points to redeem them later when you go shopping.

How to Survive on a College Student's Budget

To conclude

Learning the art of money management in college is very important to make the best of your college life. To say that college students are always broke won't be wrong. But keeping some of these apps in your phone can prove to be quite useful in saving money. Liked this article? Please share it with your peers and friends. For more such articles on college life and money management in college please visit, Alternatively, you can also get more such articles in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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