Preparing for UPSC IAS? Get Here a List of Free YouTube Channels that will Ace your Preparation

Top YouTube Channels For UPSC IAS: Preparing for UPSC is not a cakewalk, check below the list of top channels that will make your learning easy with their most engaging content

Jul 25, 2023, 23:16 IST
Top YouTube Channels for UPSC
Top YouTube Channels for UPSC

Top Youtube Channels for UPSC CSE: The UPSC CSE is one of India's most prestigious and competitive exams as almost 8 - 9 Lakhs of forms are filled for approximately 1000 - 1200 vacancies, a success ratio of 0.5% to 1% makes it one of toughest competitive exams in India, so it requires thorough preparation and a well-defined strategy to get a comprehensive understanding of various subjects and a strategic approach to tackle the vast syllabus. 

In this digital age, YouTube has become an unparalleled source of knowledge and guidance as it provides free content, but it can be difficult to select the best channels with so many channels available for UPSC preparation. Here, we have created a list of the top UPSC YouTube channels to make your search easier and to help you master the examination with their insightful advice.

The best part about these channels is that they provide a lot of information, covering a variety of topics that will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the subjects. Let's get started and find the road to success!

List of Best Youtube Channels for UPSC CSE

YouTube Channels for UPSC Preparation


Sansad TV




National Institute of Open Schooling




IAS with Ojaank Sir


Mrunal Patel


Let us get the details of the top youtube channels that will definitely help you in your preparation

Sansad TV

Channel Name: Sansad TV

Channel URL -

Channel Type - Government

Sansad TV has 7.53 million subscribers on its channel. Sansad Television is the Parliamentary channel of India. It was created in 2021 by merging Lok Sabha Television and Rajya Sabha Television youtube channels. The objective of Sansad TV is to offer thorough coverage of parliamentary proceedings, including those of the Lok Sabha (Lower House) and Rajya Sabha (Upper House) of the Indian Parliament. It acts as a forum for the transfer of knowledge about the workings of the Indian Parliament and promotes transparency to the public as well as involvement in democratic processes. It also features educational content related to the Indian political system, legislative processes, and democratic governance. This can include explanatory videos on parliamentary procedures, introductions to key constitutional provisions, and insights into the roles and responsibilities of MPs.



Channel URL -

Channel Type - Government

NCERT(National Council of Educational Research and Training) has 1.24 million subscribers on its channel. NCERT OFFICIAL is the official youtube channel of NCERT.  The videos on the channel cover a variety of subjects, including science, math, social studies, language arts, and environmental studies. The purpose of the videos is to help learners to develop the ideas and abilities necessary for achievement. Additionally, the channel provides live interactive sessions with professionals where students can ask questions as well as get help with their studies.


Channel Name - National Institute of Open Schooling

Channel URL -

Channel Type - Government

NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) has 84.5 thousand subscribers on its youtube channel. It is the official NIOS channel on youtube. The main USP of the channel is that it provides videos for deaf people. The videos on Indian history, economics, and politics will help you in learning about important events and people that have had an impact on India, in understanding the fundamental ideas of economics and how they apply to India, and in understanding the functioning of the Indian political system.


Channel Name - UegyankoshIGNOU

Channel URL -

Channel Type - Government

UegyankoshIGNOU is the official channel of IGNOU. It has 105 thousand subscribers on its youtube channel. The IGNOU YouTube channel provides lectures and video tutorials on a variety of subjects relevant to the UPSC syllabus, including history, geography, politics, economics, science, and more. The channel shares educational materials, tools, and information relevant to UPSC preparation. These resources may enhance candidates' independent study efforts and offer additional study to broaden their understanding.

IAS with Ojaank Sir 

Channel Name - IAS with Ojaank Sir 

Channel URL -

Channel Type - Private 

IAS with Ojaank Sir has 2.38 million subscribers on its channel. This UPSC preparation channel provides excellent content on a variety of subjects, including current affairs, general knowledge, and particular subjects relevant to the UPSC syllabus. The information provided on this channel is up-to-date, well-researched, and presented in a thorough way. This engagement approach encourages an atmosphere of belonging and encouragement by enabling aspirants to ask questions, seek clarification, and receive guidance directly from educators. IAS With Ojaank Sir Channel received Leadership Excellence Awards 2022 For Hindi Medium & English Medium UPSC Aspirants. M/S. Ojaank Foundation aims to develop amongst its students a competitive attitude along with a sound academic base with quality teaching and individual attention as its hallmark. 

Mrunal Patel

Channel Name - Mrunal Patel

Channel URL -

Channel Type - Private

Mrunal Patel youtube channel has 1.71 million subscribers. The channel covers a wide range of topics, including economics, current affairs, history, geography, and other subjects relevant to the UPSC syllabus. He simplifies complex concepts, making them easier to understand and remember. His teaching style is known for its clarity and effectiveness in helping students grasp difficult topics. The channel provides in-depth analysis of economic and budget-related topics with catchy thumbnails. Mrunal sir emphasizes the importance of current affairs in UPSC preparation. The channel offers a wide range of subjects, such as geography, history, economics, and current events. He breaks down difficult ideas into simpler terms that are simpler to understand and remember. His method of teaching is renowned for its effectiveness in making complex concepts understandable to students. The channel offers in-depth analyses of budget and economic-related topics with attention-grabbing thumbnails. Mrunal Sir emphasises the value of current events in preparing for the UPSC. He frequently covers significant national and international news, government initiatives, and socio-economic developments on his youtube channel.

Choose the Best Optional for UPSC 

Every optional subject is equally difficult in the UPSC CSE exam. Hence, it is recommended to pick only that optional subject that aligns with your interest, skills, and knowledge. As per the data shared by UPSC political science, geography, sociology and history were most preferred. Read here in detail on how to choose the best optional for UPSC

UPSC IAS Preparation for Beginners 

Before starting preparation for UPSC, it is important to understand the examination pattern. The UPSC CSE comprises three stages: the Preliminary Examination (Prelims), the Main Examination (Mains), and the Personality Test (Interview). Each stage tests different aspects of your knowledge, aptitude, and personality. Read here about the best preparation strategy for beginners


NCERT Books for UPSC Preparation are one of the crucial components for UPSC aspirants as they assist in laying a solid foundation. The reason behind referring to the NCERT books is their easy-to-understand concepts and data validity. Despite being written for students in schools, NCERT books cover some of the most important topics on the UPSC syllabus for prelims and main exams. Check out the list of NCERT books required for UPSC CSE

UPSC Previous Year Question Paper

UPSC Previous Year Question Papers are pivotal in improving your preparation level. There are various benefits of practicing UPSC's previous year's question paper including familiarity with the difficulty level, nature and level of questions asked, and important topics which are repeatedly asked over the past years as well as checking where your preparation stands. Download the UPSC Previous Year Question Paper

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  • How YouTube channels are helpful for UPSC Preparation?
    YouTube channels provide free access to video lectures on a variety of topics that are covered in the UPSC syllabus as well as provide answer keys, study tips, and motivational videos.


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