UGC NET / JRF Political Science Question Paper– II: December 2012

Practice here the December 2012 Political Science question paper in order to excel in the UGC NET/ JRF/ SLET eligibility examination.

Feb 22, 2013 15:46 IST will provide questions from the respective segments for the benefit of the aspirants preparing for UGC NET/ JRF/ SLET recruitment exams.The question paper will help in the practice and thereby further the preparation procedure of the students.

1. In Hegel's notion the highest possible achievement of Mind as expressed in social life was in

(A) The Contemporary Prussian State

(B) Rome

(C) Athens

(D) Contemporary Great Britain

2. Machiavelli advised the Prince to pursue

(A) Moderate behavior

(B) Extreme generosity

(C) Perfect strictness

(D) Great kindness

3. Which is not a part of Rawls well ordered society?

(A) Stable

(B) Efficient

(C) Just

(D) Equal

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