UGC NET / JRF Psychology Question Paper– III: December 2012

Practice here the December 2012 question paper for Psychology that was conducted by UGC for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship

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The question paper will help in the practice and thereby further the preparation procedure of the students.

4. Inspite of passing of many years youhave little trouble in remembering where you were when you discovered

the ‘Taj Tragedy’ of 26/11 in Mumbai.What this memory is called ?

(A) Implicit memory

(B) Flash bulb memory

(C) Episodic memory

(D) Non-declarative memory

5. Which of the following explains thetypical intelligence–creativity relationship ?

(A) U-shaped relationship

(B) Inverted U-shaped relationship

(C) Linear negative relationship

(D) None of the above

6. Perceptive auditory receptors in the cochlea are identified as

(A) Basilar cells 

(B) Hair cells

(C) Malleus cells 

(D) Glial cells


Click Here to find Psychology December 2012 complete question paper.

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