UP Board Class 12 Business Studies Model Paper 2023: Get full PDF

UP Board Class 12 Business Studies Model Paper 2023: Download the latest UP Board Business Studies Model Paper 2023 for class 12th students appearing for UP Board examinations 2022-23 in PDF.

UP Board Class 12 Business Studies Model Paper 2023: Get full PDF
UP Board Class 12 Business Studies Model Paper 2023: Get full PDF

UP Board Class 12 Business Studies Model Paper 2023: With the release of Business Studies model paper for the academic year 2022-23 by Uttar Pradesh State Board of High School and Intermediate Education, students of Class 12th under UPMSP are moving closer to the board examination. Although the final datesheet for UP Board class 12 board examination has not been declared yet, the examinations are likely to begin from February, 2023. Candidates have about two months to prepare for their papers and ace their exams. To help the candidates, Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad has released the latest Model Papers of many subjects, including Business Studies, with the remaining likely to be uploaded soon. 

The model papers are available on the website of the UPMSP. 

CHECK: UP Board 2023 Class 12th Model Papers 2022-23   

The Business studies paper is conducted for a total of 100 marks with a total of 3 hours 15 mins to attempt the questions. Students must note that the first fifteen minutes are given for the students to go through the question paper.

The other instructions given in the model paper are:

Instructions :

(i) All questions are compulsory.

(ii) Question Nos. 01 to 10 are Multiple Choice type. Question Nos. 11 to 20 are Very Short Answer type, which are to be answered within 30 words each. Question Nos. 21 to 26 are Short Answer type, which are to be answered within 100 words each and Question Nos. 27 to 30 are Long Answer type, which are to be answered within 250 words each.

(iii) Marks to each question are indicated against it

UP Board Class 12 Business Studies Model Paper 2023

(Multiple Choice Type Questions)

Select the correct answer and write it in your answer book:

  1. Social responsibility of management is:-

(i) To all

(ii) For employees only

(iii) Towards the government

(iv) For consumer only

  1. Father of scientific management was:-

(i) H.S.Person

(ii) Davma

(iii) F.W.Taylor

(iv) None of these

  1. According to George R.Terry, the types of planning are:-

(i) 8

(ii) 6

(iii) 4

(iv) 2

  1. ‘Wrong organization structure inhibits and even destroys business performance’, is a statement:-

(i) Drucker

(ii) George R. Terry

(iii) Ailan

(iv) Brech

  1. In a large organization recruitment is responsible:- 

(i) High management

(ii) Middle management

(iii) Low level management

(iv) All of these.

  1. Elements of direction is :- 

(i) Supervision

(ii) Leadership

(iii) Motivation

(iv) All of these.

  1. Planning is necessary:- 

(i) For small business

(ii) For medium scale undertaking

(iii) For large enterprise

(iv) All of these.

  1. The traditional ideology of financial management was abandoned:- 

(i) In 1910-20

(ii) In 1920-30

(iii) In 1930-40

(iv) In 1940-50

  1. Total number of stock exchanges in India is:- 

(i) 21

(ii) 22

(iii) 23

(iv) None of these.

  1. A. H.Maslow was a resident of:

(i) U. S. America

(ii) France

(iii) Japan

(iv) None of these.

(Very Short Answer Type Questions)

  1. Give a definition of Planning. 
  2. Write any two objects of management. 
  3. Give a definition of Management. 
  4. Write any two characteristics of organization. 
  5. Write the meaning of appointment. 
  6. Write the concept of the motivation? 
  7. Write the definition of financial management. 
  8. Write two importance of business finance. 
  9. What is meant by working capital? Explain it. 
  10. What is meant by money market? Explain it. 

(Short Answer Type Questions)

  1. “Management is both science and art”. Explain it.
  2. Write the limitations of planning. 
  3. Write the difference between capital and capital structure.
  4. Explain the importance of interview in the selection process.
  5. Why the principles of management are needed? Explain it.
  6. Write the difference between formal and informal organization. 

(Long Answer Type Questions)

  1. According to Henry Fayor “management means to manage is to forecast and to plan, to organize, to command, to coordinate and to control.” Explain this statement.


Explain Taylor’s principles of scientific management. 

  1. Describe the types of planning.


Points to be noted mentioned the merits of the organization structure while building it.

  1. Focus on the recruitment process.


Give the definition of supervision. Describe the importance of supervision in any industrial undertaking.

  1. Describe the factors that determine the fixed capital requirement in a company.


Explain the objectives and functions of Securities Exchange Board Of India.

Download UP Board Class 12 Business Studies Model Paper 2023

Business Studies course, code 157, by UPMSP is designed to prepare students to analyse, manage, evaluate and respond to changes which affect business. As one of the major subjects in commerce stream, it provides a way of looking at and interacting with the business environment taking into account the social, political, legal and economic forces.

All the best!

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