UP Board Class 12 Home Science Model Paper 2023: Download in PDF

UP Board Class 12 Home Science Model Paper 2023: In this article, you can view and download the complete model paper for Home Science paper of class 12th UP Board.

UP Board Class 12 Home Science Model Paper 2023
UP Board Class 12 Home Science Model Paper 2023

UP Board Class 12 Home Science Model Paper 2023: Home science is an interdisciplinary course where students are prepared to take care of themselves and maintain a profession and vocation. Home Science course is a common choice of the higher secondary students in Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad. The course, offered under course code 135, has a written theory exam that is conducted for 70 marks and students get 3 hours 15 minutes to attempt the paper. 30 marks are given on the basis of practical. For this course, the minimum passing marks is 33 where 23 is required in theory exam and 10 in practicals.

In this article, you can check here the complete model for class 12th Home Science for the year 2022-23. Towards the end of the model paper is the link to download it in PDF format for using it offline as well.

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UP Board Class 12 Home Science Model Paper 2023

Time : 03:15 

Marks : 70

Note : In the beginning 15 minutes are allotted to the examinees to read the question paper.

Direction- All questions are compulsory.

Marking Scheme:  (Question number 1 to 4 are multiple choice. Question numbers 5 to 9 are very short answers].

To be answered in 25 words, question numbers 10 to 14 are short answer, to be answered in 50

words and question number 15 to 18 are long answers, to be answered in 100 words.)

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. (i) Polio spreads though: 

(a) bacteria 

(b) virus 

(c) air 

(d) Animals

(ii) Purification of blood takes place in: 

(a) Digestive system 

(b) heart 

(c) lungs 

(d) Skin

(iii) Which vitamin is soluble in water: 

(a) Vitamin C 

(b) Vitamin D 

(c) Vitamin A 

(d) Vitamin E

(iv) The number of lungs in human body is: 

(a) One 

(b) two 

(c) three 

(d) Four

(v) The power of the body to fight against diseases is called: 

(a) Sterilization 

(b) immunity 

(c) period of emergence

(d) None of the above

  1. (i) Where is the head office of World Health Organization? 

(a) London 

(b) Paris 

(c) New York 

(d) Geneva

(ii) What is a balanced diet? 

(a) same for all 

(b) relative 

(c) more in quantity

(d) Less in quantity but tasty

(iii) In which process does hemoglobin take part? 

(a) in blood circulation 

(b) Digestion 

(c) Oxygen transport

(d) In growth

(iv) Where is the human brain? 

(a) in the abdominal cavity 

(b) in the thoracic cavity

(c) in the cranial cavity 

(d) In the oral cavity

(v) On which part of the eye is the image formed? 

(a) Sclerotic 

(b) Pupil 

(c) Choroid 

(d) Retina

  1. (i) Which disease is caused on the biting of a mad dog? 

(a) Malaria 

(b) Rabies 

(c) Filaria 

(d) Plague

(ii) Which part of the blood helps in clotting? 

(a) red blood cells 

(b) white blood cells 

(c) platelets 

(d) none of these

(iii) The determinants of a balanced diet are: 

(a) Age 

(b) Gender 

(c) Health 

(d) All of these

(iv) Health education includes: 

(a) Environment 

(b) Physical health 

(c) social health 

(d) All of these

(v) The unit of sound or noise is: 

(a) Calorie

(b) meter

(c) decibel

(d) Decimeter

  1. (i) Plants purify the atmosphere by 

(a) Nitrogen 

(b) oxygen

(c) carbon dioxide 

(d) water

(ii) Which blood group is omnipotent in blood circulation? 

(a) A

(b) AB 

(c) B 

(d) O

(iii) Which of the following is not a man-made disaster? 

(a) train accident 

(b) fire 

(c) nuclear explosion 

(d) cloudburst

(iv) Nuclear family has: 

(a) two generations 

(b) three generations

(c) more than three generations

(d) None of these

(v) Which one of the following is a national problem? 

(a) Population explosion

(b) family planning

(c) domestic problems

(d) none of these

Very Short Answer Type Questions (1x10=10)

  1. (a) What is the main functions of the circulatory system? 

(b) What are the main parts of on ear? 

  1. (a) Explain the meaning of the words disinfectant and sterilization. 

(b) Write the different stages of personality development. 

  1. (a) What are the nutrients of the diet? 

(b) What do you understand by National Disaster? 

  1. (a) What are the two main factors affecting the personality of a child? 

(b) Mention the parts of the central nervous system. 

  1. (a) Mention two main benefits of nutrition in infancy. 

(b) Write two measures to prevent child mortality. 

Short Answer Type Questions (2x10 = 20)

10.(a) Mention the functions of blood in human body. 

(b) State two main differences between artery and veins. 

  1. (a) Mention the disadvantages of dowry system in the society. 

(b) Write the characteristics of balanced personality. 

12 (a) What do you understand by reflex action? 

(b) Write the measures to protect the ear. 

13 (a) What is the effect of alcohol on the nervous system? 

(b) What is the importance of respiration in human life?

  1. (a) White blood cells are the soldiers of our body, why? 

(b) What is the effect of malnutrition on the body? 

Long Answer Type Questions (5x4=20)

  1. Explain the structure of the brain with the help of a diagram and describe the functions of its different parts.


What are the main defects of vision? Write the symptoms and treatment. 

  1. Draw a diagram of human lungs, write its structure and function. 


What are the common diseases that occur in a baby? Write the reason, xymplorns and treatement of any me disease 

  1. What do you understand by disasters? Mention the types of disasters. 


Describe the problem of child death and explain its main causes. 

  1. Write note on - (i) Filaria (Elephant foot) (ii) Dengue fever


Explaining the meaning of marriage, throw light on its purpose and characteristics. 

Download UP Board Class 12 Home Science Model Paper 2023

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All the best to all candidates!


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