UP Board 2019: Class 12th Mathematics(I) Solved Guess Paper

Solved Guess Paper for Class 12 UP Board exam 2019 is available here. With this guess paper, students can easily understand the latest UP Board Class 12 Mathematics (first) paper examination pattern. This solved paper is very helpful for the preparation of UP Board Class 12 Mathematics (first) board exam 2019.

Created On: Oct 18, 2018 11:24 IST
Maths First Solved Guess Paper
Maths First Solved Guess Paper

According to the Exam Calendar for 2018, UP Board Exams of Class 10th and Class 12th will start from 7th February 2019. So, there is not enough time for the preparation of UP Board Exams. As the time is running out, students should focus more on practicing questions and doing revision what they have studied earlier rather picking up new topics during preparation. Due to this reason, here we present you the UP Board Class 12th Mathematics (first) solved guess paper to prepare for the upcoming Mathematics board exam 2019. 

  • Now these days you can study from anywhere no matter you are in school or at home. If you are having smart phone then you can use them and study online from different websites, but in this way there is a problem of high speed internet. So don’t worry we have a solution for you and the solution is in pdf format. Which is easy to download and also easy to read from any device.
  • This guess paper is developed by subject experts after the brief analysis of previous years’ papers. After going through previous year papers, our subject experts have observed that questions based on some important concepts have been frequently asked in board exams every year.

Salient features of this Solved Guess Paper are:

• Strictly follows latest UP Board Class 12th Mathematics (first) syllabus,

• Based on latest examination pattern,

• Focus upon topics from which questions are likely to be asked,

• Offers detailed solutions for each and every question,

• Perfect for practice & revision.

Some questions from the solved guess paper are given below:

प्रश्न : समीकरण sin2θ = cos2θ को हल करके θ का व्यापक मान ज्ञात कीजिए.

उत्तर: दिया है, sin2θ = cos2θ या sin2θ = cos2θ

          Cos2θ = Sin(π/2 - 2θ)

               2θ = 2nπ ± (π/2 -2θ)

अब “+” चिन्ह लेने पर 2θ + 2θ = 2nπ + π/2

                  4θ = (2n+1/2) π

                   θ = (2n+ ½) π/4

अब “-” चिन्ह लेने पर : 2θ = 2nπ – (π/2 - 2θ)

                    2θ = 2nπ – π/2 -2θ

यहाँ  सम्भव नही है.

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प्रश्न : यदि A= (1,2,3), B(2,3,4) और C = (3,4,5,6) तो A- (B-C) तथा (A-B) – C ज्ञात कीजिए?

उत्तर: दिया है- A(1,2,3), B(2,3,4) और C = (3,4,5,6)

तब B-C = (2,3,4) – (3,45,6) = (2)

तथा A- (B-C) = (1,2,3) –(2) = (1,3)

     A-B = (1, 2, 3) – (2, 3, 4) = (1)

(A-B) – C = (1) – (3,4,5,6) = (1)

प्रश्न : श्रेणी 4,9,14,19 का कौन सा पद 104 है ?

उत्तर: माना श्रेणी का n वा पद 104 है.

यहाँ a = 4 तथा d = 9 - 4 = 5 या 14 – 9= 5

यह श्रेणी समान्तर श्रेणी है .

जहां Tn = 104

nवाँ पद के सूत्र से :

        a + (n-1) d = 104

         5 (n-1) = 104 - 4

          (n-1) = 100/ 5

              n-1 = 20

                 n = 20+1

                  n = 21

अत: श्रेणी का 21वाँ पद 104 है.

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Guess paper 2018

UP Board class 12th maths

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Each and every question of Mathematics first guess paper has been provided with a detailed explanations which will help students to understand what & how much they must write in UP Board  class 12th mathematics (first) board exam to score maximum marks. To take maximum benefits from this paper, students should put an honest effort to solve the paper and cross check their answers with the solutions provided with this guess paper.

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