Positive India: UP's Trainee IAS Officer Provides Study Material to Students Devoid of Internet Facility for Online Classes

This UP Trainee IAS Officer at Bahraich district, Suraj Patel encountered the discomfort of students who could not attend online classes due to a lack of digital connectivity and started an initiative to provide printed study material to such students. The initiative reaped benefits to more than 12000 students in the district. 

Created On: Jul 1, 2020 10:30 IST
Positive India: UP Trainee IAS Officer Provides Study Material to Students Devoid of Internet Facility for Online Classes
Positive India: UP Trainee IAS Officer Provides Study Material to Students Devoid of Internet Facility for Online Classes

Suraj Patel, a trainee Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer posted at Bahraich district, UP has taken up a new initiative for students of government schools who are deprived of online education due to lack of smartphones or better internet networks. Amid school closures, in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic, all the schools throughout the country are conducting online classes for its students. Basic Education Officer Dinesh Yadav said on Sunday that Trainee IAS officer Suraj Patel has taken the new initiative and has made arrangements to provide education to the children unaware of online education by providing them with educational material at home through Basic Education Department.

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Printed Study Material Provided to Students Inaccessible to Online Classes 

He informed that all government and non-government schools are closed during the lockdown. On the instruction of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, online education has been started through e-Pathshala to the children of government schools. Teachers started online classes. During this time, it became known that there are not even simple keypad phones in the homes of many children studying in government schools. In such a situation, those children are deprived of online education.

Yadav said that Suraj Patel, a trainee IAS officer posted in the post of Joint Magistrate in Bahraich, advised the department to provide printed educational material to children who do not have smartphones or computers, laptops in their homes

 He said that on the suggestion of trainee IAS, the Basic Education Department has started it as a pilot project in Chittorra Development Block. On success, it will also be implemented in other areas of the district.

Patel’s initiative has benefitted more than 12000 students

Yadav said that 12 thousand such children whose homes do not have smartphones or computers, laptops were identified in the development block by the Academic Resource Person of the department. These 12 thousand children of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, deprived of smartphones, have been given teaching materials by printing printed quizzes of mathematics and language subjects at their homes. This quiz has been made available online to children who have smartphones or computers, laptops.

In this regard, the trainee IAS officer said that such questions have been asked in the teaching material so that children get practical knowledge instead of rote learning. Patel said that through this campaign, efforts are being made to ensure that there is no decrease in the educational level of children despite the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. Parents of Chittorwa Development Block have appreciated this initiative by trainee IAS officer and Basic Education Department. In addition, the parents have also promised full support in the campaign.

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