UPPSC UPPCS Main Exam General Studies Paper I : Syllabus

UPPSC conducts UPPCS Exam each year in order to get the candidates for the Provincial Civil Services. UPPCS Exam is one of the most saught after Exams of Uttar Pradesh. UPPCS Mains Exam 2016 of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) will commence from 24th June 2016.

Created On: Aug 22, 2016 11:58 IST

UPPCS Exam is one of the coveted Exams of Uttar Pradesh. UPPCS Mains Exam 2016 of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) will commence from 24th June 2016.

Here, we have provided the syllabus of General Studies Paper I of UPPCS Mains Exam 2016. The aspirants have to adopt better strategies to crack this coveted exam where the competition is very high and the cut off marks to be selected for the next level of exam i.e., interview will be very high.

The pattern of UPPCS Exam 2016 is same as the pattern of UPPCS Mains Exams of last few years. The General studies Paper I will contain objective type of questions carrying 200 marks in total.


History of India

(i) Ancient India: The aspirants are expected to have proper understanding of various ancient civilisations and the periodical divisions of Ancient Indian history along with the chronological developments of History of India. Division of Indian society and its implications on the ordinary people of India.

(ii) Medieval India: Under the topic Medieval India, the candidates will have to study the topics since tri-partite struggle to till the Establishment of British East India Company in India. This topic covers the Delhi Sultanate period and Mughal period which also include various prominent architectural and cultural developments in India. In medieval History the most important things are the personalities and their achievements and their institutions.

Modern India: Under this topic, the candidates must have knowledge of declining of Mughal Empire and the rise of European Powers in India. As per the trend of asking question in UPPCS Mains, it is very important for the candidates to study the various Land reforms adopted during the colonial rule in India. The candidates are required to learn and understand the chronology of events in details. It will help in the history questions.

Indian National Movement and Indian Culture

In the Indian National Movement, the candidates are expected to have synoptic view of nature and character of the freedom movement, growth of nationalism and attainment of Independence. The role of prominent personalities during the war of Independence in 1857 is also important to cover during the study.

During the study of three divisions of Indian History you can also cover the cultural aspect of Indian History in which you have to study the various cultural developments from vedic culture to the cultural developments of present day.

Population, Environment and Urbanization in Indian Context

For this topic you have to study the various aspects of Indian population, demography and composition of Indian population. How the rising population of India lead to urbanisation of villages and small towns. How the growing urbanisation lead to create a problem for the environment.

World Geography, Geography of India and its natural resources

(i) World Geography: In World Geography only general understanding of the subject will be expected. It very important for the candidates to cover the topic of world’s largest, highest, tallest, deepest monuments, rivers, waterfall, oceans and other physical features of the world.

(ii) Indian Geography: As far as the Indian Geography is concerned the candidates must possess the understanding of Indian climates, rivers, mountains, soils and plains which lie within the territory of India.  Questions on the Geography of India will relate to Physical, Social & Economic Geography of India.

Current events of national and international importance

On Current Events of National and International importance, candidates will be expected to have knowledge about them. As per the trend of asking questions in UPPCS Mains Exam, the candidates must be aware of the recent policies and developments of running Central government and Uttar Pradesh state government. Apart from these, the past 2-3 month’s events such as important dates, awards, books & authors, sports are also crucial for this exam and the candidates will have to be updated of these events.

Indian Agriculture, Trade and Commerce

These topics used to be covered under the subject Economy. The aspirants need to study the performance of Indian agriculture, various types of crops and its pattern, soils, irrigation. The aspirants also need to study the volume of agricultural production whether India is exporting or importing a particular commodity.

Specific knowledge of U.P. regarding education, culture Agriculture, Trade Commerce, The methods of living and Social Customs

One of the most important sections of the General Studies Paper I is that the aspirants must have knowledge about the historical, cultural, geographical and economical background of the Uttar Pradesh. There will be at least 10- 15 questions having background of Uttar Pradesh itself, so, the aspirants have greater chance to get maximum marks on it.