UPSC Geologist's Exam Question Paper 2010: Geology Paper I

This is the Geology Paper I of the UPSC Geologist’s Exam of the year 2010.

Sep 7, 2011 17:21 IST
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Paper I

Time Allowed : three Hourse

Maximum Marks: 200


Candidate should attempt SIX question in all including Question No. 1 , which is compulsory, from Part – I and attempt ONE question each from Section A,B,C,D and E From Part -II.

The number of marks carried only in ENGLISH.

Synbols and abbreviations are as usual.

Neat sketches may be drawn to illustrate answer, wherever required.

Part I

1. Define any ten in 3 to 4 sentences each:   5×10=50

(a) Tool marks

(b) Outlires

(c) Composition of the Earth's core

(d) Stable Isotopes

(e) Refraction anomaly

(f) Magnetic anomaly

(g) Trace Fossils

(h) Disconformity

(i) Virtual Fixation Point

(j) Seismograph

(k) Nektons

(l) Equal Area Projection

Part- II

Section - A

2. Describe a typical desert scenery and discuss the evolution and migration of sand dunes.  30

3. Differentiate between :   6×5=60

(a) Aerial Photographs and Satellite Imagery

(b) Topographic Maps and Geological Mpas

(c) LANDSAT and IRS Mission

(d) Bhangar and Khandar  Soils

(e) KARST topography and Glaciated topography

Section - B

4. Discuss the principle involved in:  10×3=30

(a) Construction of Projection diagrams

(b) Analysis of structural deformation

(c) Salt Dome tectonics

5. Write illustrated notes on :  10×3=30

(a) Balanced cross- section

(b) Importance of down- dip lineation

(c) Origin of reclined folding

Section - C

6. Discuss the story of transformation of the " Global Tectonics Hypothesis"  into the " Theory of plate Tectonics". Discuss the events in chronological order.   20+10=30

7. Write short notes on :

(a) Island Arcs

(b) Theory of Isostasy

(c) Gravity anomaly

Section - D

8. Discuss the merits and demerits of the International code of Stratigraphic Nomenclature. Give Indian examples to illustrate your answer.  20+10=30

9. Write brief notes on :  10×3=30

(a) Proterozoic - Cambrian Stratigraphic boundary statotype

(b) Origing of Siwalik foreland basin

(c) Deccan Law in ' Gondwanaland'.

Section - E

10. Discuss the objections raised against Drawin's Theory of Evalution. Explain the concept of the punctuated evolution. 

11. Discuss the stratigraphic importance of :  6×5=30

(a) Cardita beaumonti

(b) Ptilophyllum Flora

(c) Cruziana sp.

(d) Productus rajah

(e) Syringothyris cuspidata

(f) Globotruncana

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