UPSC IAS Main Exam : GS Paper II : European Refugee Crisis

UPSC IAS Mains Exam will be commencing from 18 December 2015. After the government decision of making General Studies CSAT Paper Qualifying in nature, the completion increased in the IAS Main Exam manifolds. The European Refugee Crisis is an very important topic for the IAS Mains and it is explained in this article.

Created On: Oct 7, 2015 15:53 IST

Europe is witnessing an unprecedented influx of large number of migrants coming from war ravaged countries. The issue has got traction in the aftermath of highhandedness shown by European countries in dealing with the refugees. Europe has always been a votary of human rights but when it came to walk the talk they are performing abysmally poor compared to their economic prosperity.
•    At least 350,000 migrants crossed the EU's borders in January-August 2015, compared with just 280,000 during the whole of 2014.
•    Majority of the migrants are from Syria, Afghanistan and Eriteria.

Migrants cover perilous journey to reach Europe which are organized by syndicates of human traffickers and smugglers. More than 2600 people have drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach Greece or Italy in flimsy dinghies or unsafe fishing boats.
Source: BBC

Why Migrant prefer Europe?

Migrants see Europe as the land of hope and opportunity due to its economic and social prosperity. Continuous war and impoverishment has forced them to seek asylum in EU countries. Many of these migrants die on their way before reaching their place of hope.

The drowned body of the Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi which washed up on a Turkish shore drew the worldwide criticism on social media of Europe’s handling of migrant issue.