UPSC IAS Prelims Exam : Geography : MCQ Set 11

Geography plays a major role in the IAS Prelims Exam. The candidates must start the preparation for the Geography Subject and try to solve the given questions.

1.    Read the following sentences and answer the correct sentence
i.    Human Development Index was created by Dr. Mehboob-ul-haq in 1990.
ii.    The UNDP used his concept of Human development to publish Human Development Report annually since 1992.
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:
a.    Only i is correct                c. only ii is correct
b.    Both i & ii are correct            d. Neither i nor ii

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2.    Read the following sentences and answer the correct option from the codes given below
i.    Development cannot take place unless there is an increment or addition to the existing conditions
ii.    Growth is a quantitative and value neutral concept.
iii.    Positive growth always leads to development.
a.     Only I                    c.  all of the above
b.    Only ii  & iii                d. only i & iii

3.    The country which is building a canal for transport of ships from atlantic ocean to pacific ocean is
a.    Nicaragua                    c. Costa Rica
b.    Panama                    d. Mexico

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4.    Consider the following sentences regarding the peninsular block
i.    The peninsular block is separated by Chota Nagpur plateau by Malda fault.
ii.    As a part of Madagascar plate, it is subject to various vertical movements and block faulting.
Choose the correct sentence code given below
a.    Only I                    c. Both I & II
b.    Only II                    d. Neither I nor II

5.    Himalayan cold desert lies in between
a.    Greater Himalaya & Karakorum
b.    Shiwalik & Pir Panjal
c.    Ladakh & Shiwalik
d.     Ladakh & Zaskar

6.    Read the following sentences carefully
i.    Bhabhar is a belt ranging between 10-20 km parallel to Shiwalik foothills at the breakup of the slope.
ii.    The river streams reemerge without any properly demarcated channel in the Bhangar belt. Hence making it swampy.
iii.    The northern plains does not  contain any mineral deposits
Which of the above sentence/s is/are not correct?
a.    Only I                     c. only I & III
b.    I, II & III                    d  only III

7.    Match the national parks given in list 1 to their respective state (List 2)
         List 1                        list 2
A.    Siroy                    I.    Jammu and Kashmir
B.    Moiling                    II.  Maharashtra
C.    Hemis                     III.  Manipur
D.    Sanjay Gandhi                IV.  Arunachal Pradesh
            A     B      C       D
a.          I      III     IV      II
b.         III     IV     II       I
c.          I      IV     III      II
d.         III     IV      I       II

8.    Identify the region having following characteristics
I.    It is believed that the region was under sea during Mesozoic period
II.    This is correlated by the wood fossil park and Marine deposits found in the region
III.    It presents the typical pattern of inland drainage
a.    Cold desert of Himalayas
b.    Great Indian desert
c.    Mizo hill region
d.    None of the above

9.    Which of the following is not a satellite of Jupiter
a.    Lo                        c. Ganymede
b.     Europa                    d. Demos

10.      Which of the following is not a reason for the oblate spheroid shape of the earth
I.    The rotational speed of earth increases as one goes towards equator from pole.
II.    The gravitational pull is greater at equator
III.    The intensity of the light received at the equator is greater than that at the poles.
a.    Only III                    c. Only II & III
b.    Only I & II                    d.  I, II & III


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