Want to stay happy in office? Then follow these simple tips

Aggressive targets and work stress might ruin your happiness in office? But you can overcome all these by following these simple tips to stay happy at work.

Gaurav Macwan
Oct 6, 2017, 14:50 IST
Want to stay happy in office? Then follow these simple tips
Want to stay happy in office? Then follow these simple tips

Pressing deadlines, tight work schedules and lots and lots of stress; this is what an individual faces daily in their office life. Every day in office is all about chasing timelines and completing the assigned tasks while also ensuring that you deliver the required numbers. With such challenges facing you every day, staying happy at work can often become a major hassle despite all your best efforts or intentions. And as many studies have shown, staying happy and satisfied at work is the key to your overall performance. Therefore, one must always make a conscious effort in order to be happy in office. If you are also interested in staying happy at work, do follow the simple tips given below.

Connect with your Co-workers

Your professional job is a team effort; you alone are not going to sail through the tough times alone. Therefore, apart from professional relationship, you must also try to develop a friendly camaraderie with your co-workers. Having friendly relations with co-workers, superiors, and seniors is something that helps a professional in many ways. Having cordial relations with others also ensures that you have a positive environment where people are ready to extend a helping hand to one another. For instance, you don’t know what exactly you need to do for accomplishing some particular tasks you’re assigned of. In such situation, you might get all help if you have made friendly relations and developed intimacy with your co-workers, seniors, and superiors. And this can ensure happiness and satisfaction in your life even when you’re at your work place.

Keep Personal Problems at Bay

Everyone has their own set of problems on personal front, be at family, friends, kids or relationships. However, as a professional you are expected to maintain the fine balance between your personal and professional life. It is a proven fact that your performance and productivity will suffer drastically if you continue to carry the extra baggage of your personal problems to work. In fact, if you carry your personal problems to work they will only bog you down at work. It would also create new problems in your office, hampering your office performance and raising a big question mark on your professionalism. So, to ensure happiness, avoid carrying your personal problems at your respective work places.

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Avoid Procrastination

When it comes to work there is not tomorrow! This is one tenant of professionalism which you must learn and follow from the first day of your office life, if you want to be happy at work. If you are one of those guys who try to delay the project until the last minute of the deadline, you will surely be tensed and stressed about it. Postponing office work only piles it up, there is no one else who will be doing that work other than you; so it’s always better to complete all your daily tasks on time. Moreover, if you postpone your work until the last minute and try to race against the time to complete it, it is very likely that you will do a shoddy job at doing it. This might also ultimately reflect upon your overall performance as a professional and you will be answerable for it to the company. So, avoid procrastination and make it a rule to complete all your daily tasks as per the schedule to keep that vibrant smile on your face.


Although it may sound like a cliché, but adopting a positive attitude at work will make a huge difference in your performance at work and will also allow you to stay happy during office hours. Staying positive can already solve many problems you’re facing at your work place, because positive approach enables one to think about the what is positive with the problem and how positively can it be overcome. Moreover, a positive person also creates a positive environment around him, spreading the same cheer among their colleagues and work-mates, making the office a fun and happy place to be. Now, staying positive among all the odds that face you in office life might sound difficult. But if you are determined, nothing will seem more easier than it. So, be positive at work, or at least try it out, you have to nothing to lose.

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Avoid Arguments

Working in a team can get really taxing at times, with arguments, back biting and office politics can soon break the team spirit into a million pieces. However, the key to avoiding arguments at work is to be open to different opinions. Getting to arguments with your co-workers and superiors will only make the situation work. This doesn’t mean that you should not put your points across or avoid speaking your mind in office, but you must do it gracefully giving equal space to the opinions of others as well. Arguing with others will only stress you out and also strain the friendly relations you share with you co-workers. Staying happy in such an environment is not possible. So, avoid getting into such arguments for staying happy and satisfied at your workplace. Try to build a peaceful and positive environment around you. 

Take up New Challenges

Working in a challenging environment is a blessing for a working professional. As a person who is interested in their career growth, you must take up new challenges as the ladder that will take your skills to the next level. Moreover, taking up new challenges as part of your job profile also ensures that you learn new things and are in sync with the current requirements of the job market. Challenges boost your confidence and help you stay at the top of your game when it comes to office work. Therefore, take challenges; they will help you stay satisfied in your office life.

Staying happy in office is a highly underrated attribute, especially in India, where the competition is fierce is a challenge that is hard to overcome. But any working professional who makes a conscious effort to develop a positive attitude and adopts the right approach to work can easily achieve the goal of staying happy and satisfied at work. The above given points are just a tip of the iceberg and can ensure your happiness at work. If you also have some secrets that can help others stay happy in their office, do share them in the comments section below. For other quirky tips and tricks to improve your work life, you can visit www.jagranjosh.com/jobs.

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