WBJEE: Important Questions and Preparation Tips - Dimensions and Measurement

In this article, you will get to know important formulae and previous year questions of WBJEE examination related to Chapter Dimensions and Measurement that will help you in your preparation for the coming WBJEE examination.

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WBJEE: Dimensions and Measurements
WBJEE: Dimensions and Measurements

For WBJEE examination, the chapter Dimensions and Measurement is very important. About 2-4 questions are always asked from this chapter. This article talks about important concepts and previous year questions related to Dimensions and Measurement. This chapter is easy and after reading this article students can score good marks in WBJEE examination.  The concept given in this article is in concise form and can be used for revision before the examination.

WBJEE Dimensions and measurements

Preparing for JEE Main and CBSE Board Exams together

Some important solved questions are also given here.

Question 1:

WBJEE Dimensions and Measurements Question1

Solution 1:

WBJEE Dimensions and Measurements Solution1

JEE Advanced 2017 Question Papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2

Question 2:

WBJEE Dimensions and Measurements Question 2

Solution 2:

WBJEE Dimensions and Measurements Solution2

Question 3:

WBJEE: Question 1

Solution 3:

WBJEE Solution-1

Determinants: Practice Questions

Question 4:

WBJEE Question 2(Dimension and Measurements)

Solution 4:

WBJEE Solution 2(Dimension and Measurements)

Question 5:

WBJEE Question 3 (Dimension and Measurements)

Solution 5:

WBJEE Solution 3(Dimensions and Measurements)

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