What do a WAT or GD look for?

Prepare for Group Discussions, Essay writing and WAT topics for selection in the MBA college of your choice.

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May it be a written test or a group discussion, the following are the criteria that you will be evaluated.

  • How coherently you think on a particular topic in a short time?
  • How much are you aware of the world around you?
  • How well you analyze, correlate your thoughts with factual information?
  • How laterally you think to solve problems?
  • How articulate are you in communicating your thoughts?
  • How well you foresee the future?
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Doesn’t that sound good for a written test and a GD. Now after looking on what qualities does the written test or GD expect of a candidate, it would be easy to get our hands on a few topics.

Example questions:

One example question on each category would be as mentioned below:

  • Facebook population by 2017
  • A common man as a national leader
  • Wearable technology
  • What is ‘success’ in your own terms?
  • Genetically Modified food (GMF)
  • Women safety in New Delhi and rest of the world
  • Twitter vs Facebook
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