What is webinar and how is it good for education?

Webinars are really useful in engaging the listeners through live presentations and interactive multimedia which can makes the distance feel less of a hurdle.

Created On: Jun 1, 2020 17:28 IST
Webinar: Now becomes the First Condition in Educational World
Webinar: Now becomes the First Condition in Educational World

The Internet has made things quite easy and convenient for educators around the world. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and you can hold classes, discussions and seminars anywhere in the world by connecting with people from all around the world in real -time. While video calling software like Skype and Google Duo are good for personal use, professional events need something bigger and this is where a webinar comes into play. The word 'webinar', as the name suggests, is derived from the words 'web' and 'seminar'. They are quite useful in engaging the listeners through live presentations and interactive multimedia. Webinars have played some really crucial and big roles in many industries one of them being education. And today in this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of a webinar in the field of education.            

Here are some of the primary benefits of a webinar in the education scenario:


A webinar allows for people to attend and conduct a class from anywhere be it their home, a cafe, library or just about any other place they feel comfortable in. All you need to do is decide upon a specific time and inform all the relevant audiences. Once you have shared the details of the theme of the webinar, date, time and other such things any number of people can join the class from wherever they are. Thus, allowing people the freedom to schedule their personal tasks accordingly. Something that is usually is not possible in case of an actual classroom setting.

More courses to choose from

Webinars offer people with a wide range of subjects and courses to choose from. There are many situations when someone is unable to take a course of his choice maybe because it's not offered in a university near him or he is not ready to relocate. Or maybe he is simply to broaden his knowledge in the subject. This is where the webinars come into play. They allow people the freedom to pursue the course of their choice without having to worry about relocating or dealing with the hassles that come with it. There are numerous instances when a student wishes to study abroad but has to give up on that dream due to the lack of money or other such resources. Webinars are quite effective in solving that problem for the students.

Cost effective

Regular classroom studies in college require one to invest a lot sum of money. However, taking classes through webinars saves a lot of money spent on commuting, hostel, infrastructure and so on and so forth. One can even download the reading material provided by the college or the university conducting the webinar. Some webinars might require you to pay some registration fees but that is quite nominal considered how much money you spent on regular college. Most of the times webinars are free too. Webinars can make education quite convenient and effective for the students who are unable to afford college. As apart from the basic expenditures there are many other expenditures in college like hanging out with friends and buying clothes for college etc.

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Better interactivity

The webinar allows for better interaction between the students and the professors as it brings all the students on an equal footing. It helps remove the skepticisms from the minds of the students who are not confident enough to raise their hands and ask questions in a classroom full of students. However, in a webinar, there is no one to judge you as you all are in a different place connected just through your computer screens. It makes it easier for students to raise the question without the fear of being singled out. Questions can be put up either verbally or textually during the live seminar or through emails once the seminar is over.

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Access to Session Recordings

Some webinars hosts also provide the attendants with a recording of the session so that it can be referred to later on. In case, you missed out on the session due to some unavoidable circumstances you could ask the hosts for a session recording.

Top 10 Websites for Online Learning

Some of the best softwares to conduct a webinar are -

•    Google+ Hangouts
•    Webinars OnAir
•    Skype
•    GoToWebinar
•    Cisco WebEx
•    Adobe Connect
•    MegaMeeting
•    ReadyTalk
•    AnyMeeting
•    OnStream

Students have become more and more diverse in their learning situations.  The Internet has become a space for both the young and the old alike to satiate their interests and energies for learning new things.  It has provided them with a platform where they can have rapid interaction and almost instantaneous knowledge building and developing. Which presented the academic institutions with the question of how educational departments could offer a quality learning experience to learners across the globe. And since, it seems to be the scenario of either swimming with the tide or risk sinking educational institutions have tried to stay afloat with

the help of webinars. To say that the use of modern technology for education is fast becoming the next big thing won't be wrong at all. And it's asll quite well-evident in the fact the universities and colleges are widely looking for options to make their courses available to more and more student while the same time making it easy and affordable for them.

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