What parameters to check before selecting Engineering College

Do you know on what parameters a student should take the admission in any engineering college? In this article, you will know about the points which must be kept in mind that ensure you to have the admission to a better institute.

Jagran Josh
May 30, 2017, 15:39 IST

 How to decide engineering College There is a huge number of private and government engineering colleges in India, but the question that arises is that how to decide which college to choose? Sometimes for a student, it becomes very difficult to choose an engineering college for higher studies. Very few are aware that what should be checked before taking admission to an engineering college.

Following are the points which must be kept in mind that ensure you to have the admission to a better institute:

Accreditation & Affiliations: Before getting admitted to any college in India, the accreditations and affiliations for the engineering colleges must be properly checked. For the courses in institutions the accreditation is given by the AICTE. For the University, accreditation to the courses and the university is given by the UGC. The accreditation numbers can be checked on the official websites of UGC & AICTE. Moreover course affiliations for an institute must be checked. Every institute is affiliated to a university and the degrees provided by the institute are of the university. These parameters are must to check before admissions.

Certifications: NAAC and NBA are the agencies in India which provide category certifications to an institute, like IITs and NITS come under A/A+ category. If any institute is claiming any such type of certifications then it must be checked on the official websites of these agencies. Along with this companies also provide certifications to the institute which also increase the reputation of an engineering college.

Placement: Placement is one of the most important factors to be checked by a candidate before taking admission. It can be checked on the official website of the institute, news and media channel websites and the social networking sites.

Reputation: Reputation of an engineering college can be checked on the social media channels like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter etc. Reputation can be checked by the comments posted by the students and faculties on the social media page of the institute.

Number and quality of full time faculties: It is very important to check that how much number of full time faculties is there in the institute as if the number of full time faculties is less than there will be very hindrances in the course completion. Quality of faculty must also be checked as on the grounds like teaching experience, degree of the professor etc. Better faculties helped the candidates in shaping their future in better way.

Student to faculty ratio: Student faculty ratio explains the number of faculties per student, like 15:1 states that in every 15 students there is 1 faculty. Lower the student faculty implies a better institute.

Infrastructure: Infrastructure is important factor which clearly indicates that how better facilities are provided to the students except placement and study. It can be checked on the basis of library, labs, location, transportation, class rooms etc. Better infrastructure provides better learning experience and better learning environment.

Curriculum: Curriculum means the number of different courses and the number of specializations in a particular course at the institute. A large number of courses means a better facility for a student to choose a course as per his/her choice.

Extra curricular activities: This also plays an important role in the comprehensive development of the students. It makes students more confident as they get a platform to show their talents which aslo leads to good communication between them. So, it must be checked that the college organises fests or includes different societies and clubs.

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Graduation rate & research opportunities: Graduation rate means how many students are completing their degree from the particular institute every year. If the number is high then it definitely states that the institute provides better teaching facilities. If there is research & development facility is available in an institute then it can be considered that the institute supports the innovation of a candidate.

Tie-Ups/Study Abroad Programs/Internships/ scholarships: This is another parameter which automatically enhances the reputation of any engineering college. A good number of foreign university tie-ups, company tie-ups and study abroad program ensure a better exposure of a candidate, whereas internships and scholarships ensure better participation of a candidate. This parameter should also be checked before admission.

Alumni network: Alumni network can be considered as the achievements of the engineering college made by the institute. Alumni in good positions in private, public or government organizations represent the better studies and placement services at the institute.

Candidates must check the above mentioned parameters before taking admission into any institute. As by these parameters ensures that the institute is good enough for the studies and for the future.

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