Where can I find government jobs in HR?

 What is the best resource to find government job in HR?

Feb 22, 2011 12:30 IST
Where can I find government jobs in HR?

Question: I have done PG in HR and want to work in the government sector. Where all can I find jobs in this field? 

 Poonam Vasishth, Ludhiana

Answer: Demand for HR in private sector is very robust. To get a good job in HR, you need to have qualification and experience. You have to go through the route of various competitive examinations for getting a job in the Government sector. If you want, you can start off with a job in the private sector and simultaneously keep an eye on various government jobs posted on employment newspaper and their sites. In the mean time, work on people skills, strong organizational capabilities and work force management. Perseverance is the only key to get a good government job in HR.

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