Online Education: 8 reasons why it's better than classroom learning

Want to know why you should pick online learning over the traditional methods? Let’s list down the key benefits of online education for college students in India.

Created On: Feb 9, 2018 10:54 IST
Benefits of Online Learning for College Students
Benefits of Online Learning for College Students

Online education or more specifically online learning has often been termed as the future of the education in India. It's been quite a short time period since online learning became the part of our education scenario yet it has managed to have had a great impact on the students, especially college students. Quite a large number of college students have opened up to the concept of online learning in order to enhance their skills and build a strong resume to succeed in the competitive job markets of today. Interestingly, even the traditional educational institutions such as college and universities have incorporated various aspects of online education in their academic curriculums. Online education has opened up doors of education even for the students who for some unavoidable reasons are unable to attend regular colleges. 

But, if you are still undecided on the matter of whether you should join an online learning course or not. Or are confused and unsure if it's the right way to go or not then worry not, for we have got you covered. Mentioned below, are some key benefits of online learning and how they can help you better yourself as a college student. So, let’s dive in!


When it comes to online learning the number of options or courses available to the students are simply immense. While classroom learning means of education like colleges and universities have limited number of courses to offer, through online education, students can explore any field that they are interested in. There are several accredited programmes available for college students in a variety of fields ranging from creative writing to computer programming. This is one of the biggest advantages of online learning that can help college students expand their horizons and look beyond the traditional or obvious academic options. So, go ahead, pick your poison.

Flexibility of Location

Gone are the days when one had to relocate to Delhi or Mumbai or any other metro city in order to pursue a niche academic programme. Today, thanks to online education, one can learn easily any skill or pick up any academic programme in any domain. Simply put, online learning provides flexibility of location to the students. All you need is one laptop or computer in order to access online courses. Moreover, you can even connect with your dream tutors or professors online and ask them questions and clarify your doubts, all this without ever having to step out of your house. This flexibility has helped millions of young Indians and college students gain access to higher education.

No Time Limits

Ask any college student and the biggest concern they would state is time. In the busy times that we live in, time has become the one thing that everyone is pressed for. Opting for classroom learning options such as colleges/universities may be out of reach for many students in such times. However, online learning takes care of this problem quite easily. As the online courses are available on the internet and can be accessed anytime by the students. College students can take up online education late in the night or early in the morning or even between two college lectures depending upon their convenience.


Another challenge that keeps students, especially in rural India to stay away from education is the financial limitations. Apart from the course fee, classroom learning methods require you to invest money in books, resources, notes as well as transport to and fro from the college/university. On the other hand, online education has no such constraints as all it requires is a computer, mobile phone or a tablet with an internet connection and you gain access to the course anywhere you like. Even if you go for accredited online learning programmes, they come with their own resources and thus, save you a lot of money.


Another key advantage of online learning is the comfort in which it allows students to learn new and innovative things. Imagine how nervous you were when you had to join a new class in college. Or the stress you felt when you had to clarify your doubt with the professor. All these challenges become much simpler when it comes to online learning. Students do not necessarily have to keep up with the class when it comes to a subject or topic they are uncomfortable with. They can take their own time to understand topics and concepts. Similarly, taking a test to check your preparedness is also very easy with online learning. You can take up the test at any time and place you want.

Expert Help

Ever wanted to learn Physics from Anand Kumar – the great mind who came up with the concept of ‘Super 30’ well, thanks to online learning you actually can. Most of the online academic programmes available online enjoy accreditation from multiple agencies. Some of them even go ahead and tie-up with industry leaders and top professors to be lecturers for the online programme. So, students always have the help of experts whenever they want and can directly resolve their problems and queries by connecting with them. Apart from connecting with experts, these courses also allow students to connect with their peers and build their student network to take advantage of each other’s learning capabilities.

Personalized Learning

Another major benefit of opting for online educational courses is that it can give you the opportunity to have personalized learning. This can go a great length in ensuring that you can find the right course in terms of the level, field of interest, preferred format or even schedule. This customized approach to online learning helps college students find the right course as per their learning capabilities and doesn’t burden them with tough or standard choices. Students also have the option to opt for a video class or a textual one, animated one or an in-person teaching. Such personalization makes learning more fun, exciting and intuitive.3

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Career Growth

Today, young college students who walk out of campuses are faced with a highly competitive job market. High competition means that students have to develop their skills and learn new and unique skills that will keep them relevant in the market and get them jobs. In such scenario, online courses have emerged as the ideal way forward for college students and even young professionals to better their skills and get better job opportunities. Not only these online courses add significant weight to the Resume of the candidates, they also help them be ready for the latest trends in the job market.

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In summation…

Online education and courses have changed the landscape of education in India. Although their impact has been limited in terms of number but the effect they have had on the overall scheme of things as far as education is concerned is very significant. Anyone who wants to prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges and highly competitive job market cannot shy away from taking up online educational courses.

The above mentioned benefits of online learning are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other ways in which online courses and learning can help college students. If you know any that should be on this list, please let us know through your comments below. You can also find other interesting articles about college life and study resources in our dedicated section at

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