Winner's Edge - What Separates Winners from Losers

Winners are never disheartened with obstacles and lead by example in what they do with focus and confidence

Nov 23, 2010 16:46 IST
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Winner's Edge - What Separates Winners from Losers
Winner's Edge - What Separates Winners from Losers

Winners are never disheartened with obstacles and lead by example in what they do with focus and confidence

Everyone wants to succeed in life. But not everyone achieves success despite huge efforts. Winners, as often said, don’t do different things but they do things differently. They are never disheartened by the small obstacles that come in their ways. They are very practical and lead others by example.

How winners are different from losers

• Hard work and consistency: Hard work and consistency is the key to success. There is no alternative to it. It is often said that luck has a role in success but in reality it is just the hard work that counts. Luck has nothing to do with success. Hard work builds up the calibre and determination for success. It prepares you to face the adversities of life and shine out later.

• Never give up attitude or perseverance: Another important thing to succeed is perseverance. Success is not easily achievable; it needs huge efforts, time and one has to overcome certain difficulties and obstacles of life. One should never run away in the midway. Hesitation and doubts should be avoided and one should grab the opportunity with both hands at the appropriate time.

• Focus and determination: There is an old saying, “Rolling stone gathers no moss” and this particularly states the importance of focus and determination. One should observe a particular thing and focus on it with full determination. Those who are likely to change and never adamant to anything will never accomplish things in life or anywhere.

• Strategic planning and deliverance: Without a proper planning, no one is going to succeed in life, be it a minor household work or a complex corporate one. One has to understand things properly, then check out if any other person is doing the same thing you do, find out how they are doing and how you do it. After this, one can act accordingly to excel in life. If a thing is known properly, deliverance will come up automatically.

• Self-confidence: No matter how well one knows a thing or not, if she/he is not confident, he can’t deliver properly and capitalise on anything. Confidence can be achieved through practice only. You are what you think you are. If one thinks that he is capable of doing something, he can and if he thinks he can’t, he can’t. A successful person always stands tall with full confidence.

• Time management: Winners are really shrewd and wise. They observe and plans things, perform and deliver in the right time and set the goals in a meaningful manner. None will succeed if a thing is not well managed in time.

• Practical: Practice makes a man perfect and winners always are practical. They think and do what they think. They are practical in every aspect of life. They are hardworking, confident, positive, strategic, determined and persevering.

• Positive thinking: Positive thinking is the constructive way of thinking anything that comes in life. Winners are positive and never expect that they would fail in what they do. They always stay positive even if they fail and never give up thoughts to succeed somehow. A positive mind always finds a way out and motivates the person to succeed.

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