Words to Avoid In Your Resume

Take a look at the list of words that you must avoid using in your Resume to save yourself from the negative impression.

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Words to Avoid In Your Resume
Words to Avoid In Your Resume

In the previous section we have read numerous words that are supposed to be included in the Resume/CV. Moving forward, this section would emphasize on the words that you must avoid using in the CV to save yourself from the negative impression.

In a way, an effective word choice is what really appeals to hiring managers—not the action verbs and glittery modifiers. Here’s a rundown of some words that hiring managers say detract from the persuasiveness of resumes they see.

1. Word: Experiment

Why to Avoid it: The hiring manager is not interested to find out about the things on which you experimented. They are interested in knowing the results. Share with them your accomplishments, not the story behind it!

How to use it: Tested and evaluated (instead of using the term experimented) new Android version on the Nokia Android models.

Usage: Experimented with mobile handset compatibility with the Android model

2. Word: Responsible for

Why to Avoid it: If you are applying for a managerial position then avoid using this term because it is natural for a manager to be responsible for array of tasks. Instead, mention your responsibilities that define the scope of your work in the organisation.

How to use it: Supervised the training programme conducted to trail 100 employees about the newly launched ERP system; implemented ERP system in the organisation with a team of 5 people in a span of 2 months.

Usage: Responsible for implementing the ERP systems, training the associated clients and parties (both internal and external) involved in it.

3. Word: Assist, assisted

Why to Avoid it: If you elaborate on what you did in the organisation rather than emphasizing on how you helped, it will help them understand your role clarity. Assist is one verb that does not define the scope of your job at the workplace. Let the recruiter know the tasks that you undertook to help your managers and peers.

How to use it: Collated data and applied statistical tools on it for the purpose of market research conducted for the ‘new product launch’.

Usage: Assisted finance head on a project related to...

4. Word: Cutting-edge, detail-oriented; coordinate, facilitate, transform, and liaison

Why to Avoid it: Using there words makes the resume appear flowery and doesn’t gives a clarity about the tasks that justify if you possess these skills. A potential hiring personnel is looking forward to action that justifies usage of these words in the CV.

How to use it: Trained a team of 10 members in a week on a writing assignment. Accomplished quarterly sales target in a span of 2 months. 

Usage: Detail-oriented manager with proven ability to oversee a team of 50 staff members and accomplishing pressing targets within the deadline.

5. Word: Skillfully, effectively, carefully, quickly, expert, mastered

Why to Avoid it: An adverb often beautifies the language of the Resume but if you lack in the abilities being mentioned in it, do not bother to bring it in the eyes of the recruiter. They are genuinely interested in knowing the skills you possess. If you have it, prove it!

How to use it: Migrated organization from Windows Professional to Windows 10 with no downtime during business hours

Usage: Skillfully dealt with transition of Windows Professional to Windows 10.

These are a few examples of the demerits of using flowery words in your CV/Resume. A wrong usage of such words can put you down in the mouth at the time of interview. The panel of interview can smartly smell the rat that you let run on the CV.

Be careful with the choice of words and do not boast to exert a poor impression on the interviewer at a later stage! A right choice of words will not only spruce up your CV, but will also assure you of a long-term hiring in the next organisation.

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