Working Women’s Guide: Brilliant ideas for a hassle free Morning

Make your mornings hassle free with these tips to kick start a refreshing day!

Nidhi Gupta
Jan 5, 2018, 13:17 IST
Working Women’s Guide: Brilliant ideas for a hassle free Morning
Working Women’s Guide: Brilliant ideas for a hassle free Morning

Once upon a time, a devil whispered in a woman’s ear that she is not strong enough to withstand the storm. She whispered back in devil’s ear that “I am the storm”. Yes that’s right, a working women is a superwoman who is omnipresent in both personal and professional life with equal ease. In India alone, working women comprise of 13.4 per cent proportion of the total population (as per data retrieved from This set of working taskforce has own sets of challenges that seems hard to overcome. A woman is expected to fulfil all the obligations with perfection. In this struggle, it becomes hard to strike ideal work life balance.

While managing personal and professional can be annoying at times, here is a list of few tasks that will enable working women glide through their day seamlessly. Take a look at these tips and have a whale of time in life:

1. Plan for meals in advance

Morning can become a complete chaos if you do not plan the meals for the next day in advance. Do not pester everyone or ask for the instant choices in morning itself. Discuss a day before about the meal preferences. This will give you time to pack the lunchbox on time. Take help of your house help or family members in preparing for the meals. You can keep chopped veggies in refrigerator a night before. In case the kids demand for out of the routine cuisine, you can shop for it while returning home. There are lot of instant food packets that are available in market. Plan the lunchbox for the week accordingly.

2. Follow Early to Bed Rule

There is no doubt about the fact that early to bed will definitely motivate you to rise early morning. You will not be sleep deprived. In fact morning time is the best hour where you will get enough time to wind up tasks quickly. Get in this routine to avoid mad rush.

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3. Set an Alarm clock before others wake up

If you want to kick-start your morning without any clamour in the home, get up before others and experience the calm settings in morning. It will keep you sane and you will be able to manage all the chores swiftly, with no any disturbances. Give yourself some ‘ME’ time in morning hours and experience the positive vibes. You can even go for Yoga or exercise during your zero hour at home. Make a mental map of all the tasks that are lined up for the day. Before going to bed, telly the check list of the to-do list that you prepared in the morning.

4. Plan your wardrobe for the Week ahead

Scouting for the right clothes and putting in numerous attempts to layer them perfectly could be time taking in morning. Keep your morning time hassle free and plan for the attire you wish to wear, a night before. This practise will help you plan effectively for the next day and you won’t end up repeating the same attire for the whole week.   

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5. Involve family in trivial tasks

The most important tip is to delegate the workload with all the family members according to their capacity and calibre. Ask your kids to lend you a helping hand in organising the living room. Talk to your spouse regarding the tasks that he can take care of in the morning. If you have a cook coming in the morning, make sure that the kitchen is well organised a might before so she doesn’t have to juggle to find the apt utensils and ingredients.

Have a word with your family and tell them your expectations from them and ask about their requirements. Work out a plan that streamlines the expectations of everyone. In this manner you will get fewer complaints to enjoy stress free family time.

Share with us your experiences in the comments section below regarding how you make your morning a smooth run for the entire day. For more interesting tips on managing work life balance, stay tuned with us at

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