World This Week: 23 July–29 July 2012

Below is the compilation of some of the major international events that took place over the past one week

Jul 31, 2012 15:05 IST
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Below is the compilation of some of the major international events that took place over the past one week. The world this week for the week 23 July to 29 July, will help students to update their information on various world events.

23 July 2012
•    At least 103 people were killed in Iraq after bombings and shootings ripped through thirteen cities in the country
•    akistan ordered an investigation into a visa scam aimed at facilitating access to the London Olympics as part of the country’s Olympic squad
•    Syria warned that it could use chemical weapons to combat external aggression, but never inside the country against its own people

24 July 2012
•    Russia’s President Vladimir Putin warned of endless Afghan-type civil war in Syria if President Bashar al-Assad is removed unconstitutionally
•    China said it is keen to expand its fast-growing indigenous helicopter industry by reaching out to the Indian market
•    The Supreme Court of Pakistan turned down the government’s request for a review of its order to open graft cases against President Zardai, saying such a petition should have been filed earlier as per rules

25 July 2012
•    Supreme Court of Pakistan extended the time for the government to comply its order asking the government to write to the Swiss authorities to reopen graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari
•    North Korean state media confirmed that its new leader Kim Jong-Un is married
•    A planned strike by immigration staff at Heathrow airport on the eve of the London Olympics was called off after  an agreement was made

26 July 2012
•    The wife of purged Chinese Politburo member Bo Xilai was charged with murder
•    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez unveiled a digitised 3-D image of Simon Bolivar based on remains exhumed two years ago
•    A white gunman who shot student Anuj Bidve in an unprovoked racist attack in Salford, Manchester, in December 2011 was convicted of his murder

27 July 2012
•    India banned U.S.-sanctioned Iranian ships from entering its waters
•    Immigration and customs authorities in New York City seized more than 20-million dollar worth of antiques, stolen from Indian temples
•    The Russian Navy said the Russian naval flotilla, which entered the Mediterranean earlier this week, may be there for the long haul

28 July 2012
•    A UN agreement aimed at regulating the multibillion-dollar global arms trade will have to wait after member states failed to reach an agreement
•    A Russian-built fighter jet made the first landing on the INS Vikramaditya as part of comprehensive sea trials
•    Chinese authorities acknowledged in rare frank comments that last week’s floods had exposed many loopholes in the Beijing’s planning and infrastructure

29 July 2012
•    US and Pakistan accused each other of doing too little to combat Taliban sanctuaries in Afghanistan and Pakistan
•    The US Senate unanimously passed a resolution urging the State Department to put the Haqqani network,  which operates in Afghanistan and Pakistan, on the US list of terrorist groups
•    Catastrophic forest fires ravaged vast areas of Siberia, and ruined the region’s ecosystem. Fires destroyed 100000 sq km of forests across Russia


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