Worried about IT job cuts? It’s time to reskill and prepare you for the future!

Gone are the days when the mention of India evoked images of ‘snake charmers’; today when you talk about India, people picture a paunchy brown guy hiding his face behind a computer screen, coding the next big release for an MNC.

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Worried about IT job cuts Reskill with these technologies
Worried about IT job cuts Reskill with these technologies

Gone are the days when the mention of India evoked images of ‘snake charmers’; today when you talk about India, people picture a paunchy brown guy hiding his face behind a computer screen, coding the next big release for an MNC. Yes, India (especially Bengaluru and Hyderabad) has been the IT Back office of the world for almost two decades now.

But the dream run of IT world has come to a screeching halt, thanks to the recent slowdown. News about IT job layoffs and people being fired by even the most trusted IT brands has become a common occurrence. In such testing time, IT professionals have to reskill their IT talents to stay relevant in highly competitive and dynamic industry.

If you are also feeling the pressure of retrenchment or are looking to future-proof your IT career, you must start skilling yourself in the following emerging technologies. These technologies are still in their nascent phase and thus are perfect for IT professionals.

Big Data / Apache Hadoop

Even if you are not a hardcore IT freak, Big Data and Hadoop are the two tech jargons that you must surely have come across. Big Data is a new and emerging technology trend which refers to large or complex data sets which can’t be handled by the traditional data processing software. On similar lines, Apache Hadoop is a similar open source application framework under which big data sets are processed using distributed storage, computer clusters and commodity hardware systems.

This is a new and emerging technology has seen tremendous growth in the last few years thanks to various benefits its offers to the businesses. Big Data / Hadoop helps businesses develop cost-effective scalable network that offers flexible and fast network solutions for new age applications and data storage and analysis.

Data analytics

With the world becoming increasingly dependent on technology, the importance of data has grown manifolds. In fact, data can be termed as the biggest pillar of technology which connects businesses with customers with the help of analytics. In this respect, Data analytics refers to qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes used to enhance productivity and business gain through available data.

Data Analytics helps businesses in analyzing the available data and categorizing the same in smaller chunks to help identify and analyze the behavioral data patterns to help achieve business goals.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a sub-branch of computer science and deals with "computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed." The science of machine learning is based upon the twin pillars of pattern recognition and computational learning theory. Although, these two concepts are an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, they play a huge role in developing machine learning that helps in providing products and services based upon the location, time or any other factor.

In the recent years, machine learning has been developed and used in numerous business projects by almost every business enterprise. For instance, a google now card displaying traffic information pops up every evening at the time you generally leave from office; this would be an ideal example of machine logic. Machine learning helps in making the lives of customers very easy while also giving a chance to businesses to understand the customer’s needs in real time and provide the right solutions for the same.

Artificial intelligence

If you have watched the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Terminator’ you are already aware of the basic concept of artificial intelligence. As the term suggests, AI refers to the intelligence exhibited by machines, rather than humans or animals. With the development of computer science, the arena of Artificial Intelligence has seen rapid expansion. A computer or a machine is termed to have AI when they are able to perform cognitive functions or take conscious decisions that are generally associated with human mind. Learning and Problem-Solving form the two core aspects of machine learning.

What makes AI a very interesting tech field is its evolving nature because there are no boundaries or limits to this domain. In fact, many technologies which earlier were considered to be part of AI are excluded from its purview. The common adage with regards to AI is "AI is whatever hasn't been done yet,” which makes it one of the most interesting domains in Information Technology to work upon. 

Cloud computing

Again a field of networking that is aimed at maximizing the network performance by sharing a computing infrastructure. Cloud computing covers the vast scope of computer networks, servers, storage, applications and services and makes them part of an ever expanding sharable network. With the increasing need of data and storage, cloud computing seems to be the way ahead for the digital world. The field still seems to be in its nascent stages and its development has picked up the pace in the recent years. Therefore, it surely strikes as one of the best available IT skills that one should possess.

Internet of things

This is the one that has just picked up the pace. Internet of Things is a tech field that has been identified as the next big thing in the IT world. IoT refers to the inter-networking of physical devices including smart objects, vehicles and even buildings with technology driven components. IoT talks about infusion of technology into everyday objects to make it more easier to use while also allowing one to control them remotely. Smart lights and sensor based doors are the perfect examples of IoT. But considering that this is a field that has just started out, it presents immense potential for IT professionals to develop a lucrative career option.

These are just few of the many emerging technologies that IT professionals can turn to in these testing times. The best part of all of the above technology domains is that these fields are still in their evolutionary phase and there is plenty of work left to be done. This means that if you train yourself to handle any of these technologies, you will surely be able to survive the current retrenchment and downturn in the IT world.

So, what are you waiting for, give a fresh start to your professional career by developing your IT skills in any of the aforementioned fields. If you feel we have missed out on any other emerging tech trend, do let us know through your comments.

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