How to boost your writing skills in college?

Some effective tips for college students to improve their writing skills

Created On: Jun 18, 2020 16:08 IST
How to boost your writing skills in college?
How to boost your writing skills in college?

Writing skills expected from students at college level differ vastly from the ones expected at high school. Many students come unprepared for the high level of expectations that college professors have with respect to their students writing skills. While some students enjoy writing most do not and they'd try to avoid writing as much as they can. However, this doesn't mean that writing skills are something that comes naturally. Writing like any other skill needs to be learned and practiced. And if there is any place wherein you'll learn about writing and crafting essays and papers, it's when you are in college. The high volumes of essays and papers that you'll be required to submit in college go a long way to help you improve your writing skills. Thus, in this article, we have shared some tips to help you ace your next writing assignment with flying colours.  


Focus on the topic

The ability to focus on the topic and not divert from it is one of the most important writing skill that you'll need to master in college. No matter how great an article you have written, if it doesn't touch the concerned topic your professors aren't going to be impressed. Writing a piece that revolves around the concerned topic is the key to scoring good marks in any written assessment in college.

Plan It Accordingly

Another habit that you need to break away from is to sit down the night before the deadline to craft your article. Writing assessments in college are very different from those in high school. University level writing submissions are often research based and require you to spend sufficient amount of time researching the information available on the topic. This means that you need to plan your time so that you have more than just the night before the deadline to craft your essay.  Plan your assignment, structure it properly before you actually write it. It prevents you from rambling and keeps you on track and present the information in an organized manner. 

Research Effectively

Writing assessments in universities and colleges require immense research work. It is important that whatever facts or data you relay in your papers is accurate and sourced from a reliable source. This becomes all the more crucial when you are writing research or academic papers. Thus, the ability to research and create a strong bibliography for your assignments is one of the most essential writing skills requirements for college students. For students who are unsure about where to begin their research, college library is the best place to start.

Cater to your audience

Before you begin writing your assignment, be mindful of the audience you'll be catering to. For example, if you are writing an assignment for creative writing class, your writing style be different from when you are writing an assignment on some technical topic. The audience that you cater to in both the settings differ vastly. Also, the context of topics that you'll be discussing in both the setting don’t sync from each other. So, always keep in mind the audience you will be catering to with that particular piece of writing.

Don't Shy away from Second Drafts

The first drafts are usually not the perfect ones. It's always good to review your article or paper regarding the topics that you might have missed out on. Always remember that writing is a process that  must be done in steps. The first drafts are often not the masterpiece and sometimes you might have to rework the entire thing but the effort is all worth it in the end.  Professional writers recommend writing more than one drafts have better chances at ensuring lesser mistakes in your write up. Each new draft helps you improve upon the previous ones until you end up with the one that you are perfectly happy with. 

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing are two very essential elements of writing process. Just as you structure your article before you start writing, to make sure that it's all in place. Editing and proofreading helps you perfect your writing once you have competed the writing part. Never submit any assignment or project without having properly proofread it. It will help you avoid making silly mistakes like that of grammar and punctuation which often cost your essential marks.

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Get Second Opinion

Once you are satisfied with your work and have finished editing and proofreading, get it checked by a friend or colleague. Often we tend to overlook our own mistakes so it’s always beneficial to get your article reviewed by someone else. A second person will look at your write up from a whole new light and can analyse it more critically as compared to your own self. You could also hire services of academic proofreaders to get important submissions reviewed. 

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Pay Attention to Critiques

Getting your article reviewed by your friends or peers is easy. The hard thing is to take the critique offered by them. Remember that you asked them to help you in reviewing  your article and they were just doing their job. Also, not everyone thinks the same way so it's possible for two people to have different opinions for writing the same point. The best way to go about is to accept the changes that think are genuine and ignore the rest. However, pay special attention to the critique given by your professors. They let you know where to improve and where you truly nailed your writing. Carefully analyse the critiques offered by your professors and consider them for writing assignment in future as the feedback will surely improve your writing skills.

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Practice Your Writing

Lastly, don’t forget that writing is a skills that requires consistent practice and patience. No one can become a writer overnight. First attempt at anything hardly ever leads to perfect results. However, with time and practice you can master any skill that you set your eye upon. You might have to work on extra- assignments apart from the ones assigned by your professors. But it doesn’t have to be a lot of writing either. Taking down the notes of daily lectures delivered by the teacher can also helps a lot to enhance writing skills.

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