You Aren’t Selected! How to tackle this statement in a job interview?

‘You aren’t selected,’ this may shake you during job Interview. But don’t lose hope as here the miraculous ways to deal what often breaks down others.

Mar 9, 2020, 18:36 IST
Tips to tackle Job Rejection during Interview
Tips to tackle Job Rejection during Interview

Face to face interviews are the last stage of the hiring process in any organization which makes them the most crucial of all. For you, it's last chance to prove your potential to the interviewer whereas for the interviewer it's the last chance to the test whether you are fit for the job or not. In such a scenario, it's quite common for the interviewer to raise questions or make statements that he believes will unnerve you. One such example of the statement is, 'You aren't selected.' Now he could have even meant it or he also could be testing you. But regardless of that fact, if you lose your patience and act out it's not a good scenario and also not the wherein you'd like to find yourself in during a job interview. For if by any chance he was testing you, then he wants to see how well you handle yourself under pressure. And since, you have no real way to know whether he actually meant it or he was testing you its best to remain calm and handle the situation with a peaceful mind. Here are some tips and tricks to help you tackle such a situation should you ever find yourself in one. 

Be Optimistic

Usually, after making after such statement, interviewers are curious to know about the candidates next step. Especially, if they are testing you or are unsure about you. But not many candidates take well to rejection and often lose interest in having further conversation with the interviewer. All they want is to get away from the room but no matter how you feel, your dejection should not be visible to the interviewer. Always have an optimistic attitude and if the interviewer asks you any further questions like, 'what's your are you going to do next?' or something on a similar note then, reply to him with the same enthusiasm as you were doing before the dreaded statement. Who knows, your never to give up attitude might impress him and he decides to give you a chance.

Don't Display Lack of Interest

At times when you go on to give an interview in a company that you aren't too excited to work in, the interviewer can sense your lack of interest from your body language. Which is something you will never want to happen. Suppose, you were rejected by your dream organization but this is your next best shot at a good job would you want to blow it away simply because you were upset for being rejected by your dream organization? Sometimes, when the interviewer senses the lack of interest in a candidate they often pose this question of,' what if you aren't selected?' If the interviewer senses that you are in a bad spot, no matter how good a candidate you might be the interviewer too will lose interest in interviewing you.

Don't lose your calm

If faced with such a question then no matter what always make it a point to never lose your calm. If you start fuming or lose control over yourself then you risk getting yourself blacklisted in the organization. And not to forget, that people in an industry are usually connected. Your name will come up sooner or later in some discussion and if people have a bad impression of you, it's quite hard to succeed or make a name for yourself in the industry. Remember that even when switching jobs people usually ask for recommendations, so always try and leave a good impression of yours on the others. Just tell the interviewer, thank you for the opportunity sir, I hope to look forward to work with you sometime in the future. However, take a note of the situation before making the second statement as it can't be said in all scenarios of rejection.

Some ways in which you can frame your reply:

  • Seek Feedback - Ask the interviewer for the feedback, and what points can you improve yourself upon. Tell him that if you point out places where you lacked you'd work upon them for future.
  • Use Flattery - This is an effective technique if you believe your interview is going on well and the interviewer is trying to test how well you perform under pressure.


The purpose of any interview is to find out if the interviewee is the right candidate for the job or not. Hence, the interviewer puts forward some of the questions that might unnerve the candidate and how you handle them is often the determining factor of your selection or rejection. So, always maintain your calm and remain composed no matter how much the interviewer might try to provoke you. Look at it as challenging situation that you need to overcome. Hope the above mentioned tips will help you tackle the dread statement, 'you aren't selected.' 

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