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  • Banking Awareness for IBPS PO Main Exam: Punch line of Major Banks

    AUG 22, 2018

    Questions on punch lines of banks are frequently asked in bank examination. Here, the banking team of jagranjosh is providing the list of banks with their punch lines.

  • India’s most powerful women bankers

    MAR 07, 2018

    International Women’s Day is an occasion to celebrate India’s top bankers who are leading the finance revolution in the country. Meet India’s most powerful bankers; from managing home expenses to leading finance revolution in the country; there is nothing that Indian women can’t do.

  • How to Prepare for NABARD Economic and Social Issues in 30 days

    JUL 17, 2017

    Here, we have given the strategy to preppare for Economic and Social Issues for NABARD in a minimum possible time.

  • How to Prepare General Awareness for Bank Exams?

    JUL 14, 2017

    General Awareness asked in bank exam is basically related to banking industry. So candidates must read all news related to economy and banking industry on regular basis.

  • How to start Preparation for NABARD Grade ‘A’ and Grade ‘B’ Exam 2017?

    JUL 03, 2017

    NABARD announced to recruit Assistant Managers in Grade A and Grade B exam recently. Here the banking team of jagran josh is providing some tips to crack the examination.

  • Banking Term: DICGC

    SEP 23, 2016

    DICGC was established for the purpose of providing insurance of deposits and guaranteeing of credit facilities.

  • General Awareness for RBI Grade ‘B’ Officer Exam: Securitisation in India

    AUG 26, 2016

    Securitisation is the financial practice of pooling various types of contractual debt and selling their related cash flows to third party investors as securities. It diversifies credit markets as it breaks the process of lending and funding into several discrete steps, leading to specialisation and economies of scale.

  • RBI Grade ‘B’ Officers Exam (Phase-I): Paper Pattern and Preparation Strategy for General Awareness

    JUL 13, 2016

    General Awareness section of the RBI Grade B Phase-I Exam has 80 questions, and is generally considered to be quite tedious to prepare for. Let’s first take a look at the pattern of the paper.

  • SBI PO (Prelims) Exam 2015: Previous Years Questions Papers

    MAY 14, 2016

    State Bank of India has initiated recruitment process for Probationary Officers Posts. The recruitment will be conducted for 2000 Vacant Posts. The banking team of has brought previous year question papers for ease of candidates.

  • What is Microfinance?

    MAR 01, 2016

    Micro finance is a banking service that gives opportunity to low income individuals/Unemployed to become self dependant. Read more about the topic to prepare general awareness section of bank exams.

  • Recession: Causes & its Impacts

    FEB 24, 2016

    This article is about the causes and impacts of recession, which is essential as per the view of Banking exam &  Interview. How increment in inflation & interest rate, reduction in  wages can have severe impact on the economy,  which in turn leads to drastic unemployment and currency devaluation.

  • All you need to know about Payment and Settlement Systems in India

    JAN 23, 2016

    The RBI has taken many initiatives towards introducing and upgrading safe and efficient modes of payment systems in the country. In India, the payment and settlement systems are regulated by the Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 (PSS Act).

  • What is Universal Banking?

    JAN 04, 2016

    Universal bank is a financial supermarket where all financial products are sold under one Roof. Apart from this there can also be full service investment services which include wealth & asset management, financial advisory, underwriting, trading and researching. Banks in universal system can still choose to specialize in a subset of banking services.

  • IBPS Clerk Exam 2015: General Awareness-Syllabus and Preparation Tips

    DEC 28, 2015

    The IBPS Clerk examination this year would take place in two parts: Prelims and Mains. Go through Syllabus and Preparation Tips for General Awareness section.

  • Capital Outflow : An Overview

    DEC 26, 2015

    Capital Outflow describes undesirable condition of flowing out capital of the running economy. It can be caused by any number of economic or political reasons.

  • Banking Term: Angel Investment

    DEC 14, 2015

    An investor who provides capital for small business start-ups and holds ownership equity in exchange is known as Angel Investor. Angel investment bears extremely high risks because they require a very high return on investment.

  • An overview of Government Security market in India

    NOV 18, 2015

    The Government Security (G-Sec) market in India has observed considerable changes during the past decade. A G-Sec is a tradable instrument issued by the Central Government or the State Governments. These are issued through auctions conducted by RBI.

  • What are the functions of Public Sector Bank?

    NOV 10, 2015

    Public Sector Banks are such financial entities in our country in which the majority stake is with the central government, which should be more than 50%. With the advancement of technology, core banking has been introduced in the country which has spread to every nook and corner presently.

  • Does Banking Sector Development promote economic growth in the country?

    NOV 10, 2015

    Banking Sector has been one of the most promising and profit driven financial sector for over a decade in India. During the financial and economic crisis that was felt globally by the superpowers of banking and finance, Indian banking and economy scenario was stable and working just fine.

  • General Awareness for Bank Exams: Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006

    OCT 29, 2015

    The Banking Ombudsman Scheme is introduced under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 by RBI with effect from 1995.The Banking Ombudsman is a senior official appointed by the RBI to redress customer complaints against deficiency in certain banking services.

  • General Awareness for Bank Exams: Foreign Direct Investments in India

    OCT 29, 2015

    The Indian government’s policy regime and a robust business environment have ensured that foreign capital keep flowing into the country. India received the maximum FDI from Mauritius at US$ 7.66 billion, followed by Singapore, the Netherlands, Japan and the US during April-January 2014-15 period.

  • Important abbreviations for IBPS PO Main Examination 2015

    OCT 26, 2015

    It is noticed that in banking examination two or three questions are asked from abbreviation in General Awareness (with special reference to Banking Industry) section. So, the banking team of Jagran josh has come up with important abbreviation related to banking industry for IBPS PO mains Examination 2015.

  • RBI: The Banker and Debt Manager to Government

    OCT 23, 2015

    Managing the government's banking transactions is the traditional central banking function of RBI. RBI has the obligation to undertake the receipts and payments of the Central Government and to carry out the exchange, remittance and other banking operations, including the management of the public debt of the Central Government.

  • What is the difference between Offshore Banking and Wholesale Banking?

    OCT 21, 2015

    Offshore Banking is defines as the banking associated with the banks located outside the country or we can say abroad. These types of banks offer greater privacy, no taxation, easy access to deposits and protection against financial stability.

  • What are the financial Institutions and its types?

    OCT 21, 2015

    Financial institution as the name suggests is the foundation, which conducts financial activities like loans, deposits and investment.

  • What are the Roles and Functions of CIBIL?

    OCT 20, 2015

    CIBIL stands for Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited. It is India’s first Credit Information Company, which was founded in August 2000.

  • What is Call Money Market?

    OCT 16, 2015

    The call money market is an essential part of the Indian Money Market, where the day-to-day surplus funds (mostly of banks) are traded. The money that is lent for one day in this market is known as "Call Money".

  • Banking Term : Payment Order

    OCT 13, 2015

    Find important banking term that is useful in upcoming banking exam

  • Banking Awareness: Instruments of Monetary policy in India

    OCT 12, 2015

    In India, monetary policy of the RBI is aimed at managing the quantity of money in order to meet the requirements of different sectors of the economy and to increase the pace of economic growth.

  • Make a comparison between equity and debt?

    OCT 10, 2015

    Money can be raised via Debt or equity.Equity refers to the stocks or an ownership stake in a company.Equity holder in a company is also known as ‘Shareholders’.