Career After Post Graduation

In this era of stiff market competition, it has become essential to have a Post Graduation degree. Today, the market demands are increasing rapidly, which has created an environment of competitive workforce, where knowledge based employees with exemplary education qualifications can only survive and find their dream jobs.

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Different Fields After Post-Graduation

Importance of Campus Recruitment:

Mostly every reputed college and university offering Post Graduation courses have guaranteed job placements and campus recruitment. Even if the colleges don’t have any placement cell (which is hardly the case), you can still manage to grab the attention of potential recruiters through industry visits and internships during Post Graduation Study.

Make sure to be attentive at class, complete your projects on time, and prepare for the campus interview very carefully. This is the easiest way to get a job with a lucrative salary package. Meanwhile, you can also build professional network at social media platforms such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with potential recruiters and people who are working in your field of interest.

Public sector and Government Jobs after Post Graduation:

There’s no denial of the fact that Government job is the dream job of every common man. It’s due to the security and stability provided, government jobs have become popular among the candidates.

Various entrance examinations for job purpose are conducted by the government sector for Post Graduate students. A Post Graduate can opt for banking sector jobs that are conducted by IBPS and also by public banks at individual levels. Moreover, Post Graduate students can apply at LIC (Life Insurance Corporation), PCS (Public and Commercial Service), IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and Railways. In addition, Post Graduates can also opt for apply for job positions in Post Service, Police, Medicine and Defence.

There is a common misconception among everyone that cracking government exams are quite difficult. However, with positive approach, regular practice and right coaching anyone one clear public sector exams with ease. There are many coaching centres and study materials that you can consider to improve your skills and crack government exams for a bright future.

Private sector Jobs after Post Graduation

Today’s youth prefer private or corporate jobs as it suits their vibrant and outgoing nature. Moreover, private jobs offer better career growth in terms of salary package, professional development and open work culture. Private jobs also help candidates to groom their personality and behavioural traits as well. The types of job sector-wise after post graduation are as follows:

Career in IT Industry: The IT Industry offers lucrative career options for post graduate candidates. If you have one your Post Graduation in Computer Science, you can be hired as People Managers, Project Managers, Software Developers, Software Engineer and Product Managers. One major skill that you need to excel in IT field is the ability to manage large teams for both off shore and on shore locations.

Career in Banking Sector: If you have completed your Post Graduation in finance and accountancy, you can build your career in the Banking Sector. Today, the banking industry is growing by leaps and bounds and requires well-qualified employees for their widespread operations. In the banking sector, you can look for positions such as Operation Manager, Loan Manager, Cashier, Probationary Officer, Branch Manager, Sales Manager and Marketing Manager.

Career in Sales and Marketing: The sector of Sales and Marketing is growing at an exponential rate and every company needs this department to function properly in the market. This is a highly lucrative career option for those who have completed their MBA. Reputed companies in Telecom and FMCG, only consider candidate who are Post Graduate along-with an MBA degree from a reputed institute. In this sector, the salary packages offered by companies are also high as compared to other sectors. Career growth in this sector is also provided you prove yourself as a successful marketing strategist.

Career in Digital Marketing: In the past 5 years, Digital Marketing has emerged has the most demanding career option for Post Graduates as it has opened various doors of employment for marketers. Those who prefer desk job and yet want excitement in their life; digital marketing is the ideal sector for them to work. This field offers various job opportunities such as SEO Manager, Email-Marketing Manager, PPC Manager, Digital Marketing Executive and Digital Marketing Managers. If you are a Post Graduate and want to excel in the field of digital marketing, make sure to do a quick certification in Internet Marketing from any institute and give your career a new wing.

Career in Finance operations: Every company has a dedicated department for capital and operational expenditure. The growth and revenue of an organization entirely depends on an effective and strong finance team. Therefore, Post Graduates with finance degree in CS/CA/CFA/CWA are in great demand now-a-days.

Career in Human resources: This is again one of the popular career options that promise stability and the ability to work in non-technical and technical organizations. The candidate should have a Post Graduate Degree in Human Resource from a reputed MBA institute to work as a HR Manager. Human Resource professionals can work in various roles as Training Managers, Recruitment Managers, Learning and Development managers. If you are good at managing people and have good sense of user behaviour, then this profession is the right fit for you.

Doctorate degrees after Post Graduation

If you have done your Post Graduation, and want to move into the research field rather than doing a job, then the next option is to have a Doctorate Degree or PhD. The duration of these courses are generally from 2 to 3 years. Candidates with Undergraduate Degree in Engineering, Law and Medicine can directly apply for an entrance exam for a Doctorate Degree. Entry to courses at PhD level is always through an entrance examination.


Career options available after Post graduation

Improve the existing career:

Whether you are current working somewhere or looking for the first job after Post Graduation, make sure to do a short-term certification course in the field of your choice. This will not only guarantee your growth in the current organization but also help you to get your first job with a lucrative salary package.

Most importantly, inform the Human Resource team about your new certification and mention all the details in the cover letter while applying for a job. Candidates with new certifications as per market trends and relevant educational qualifications are preferred by companies for general management and people management profiles. In addition, make your intent clear while applying for a job that will help you to grow financially and professionally.

Career after Post Graduation

In this era of stiff market competition, it has become essential to have a Post Graduation degree. Today, the market demands are increasing rapidly, which has created an environment of competitive workforce, where knowledge based employees with exemplary education qualifications can only survive and find their dream jobs. Nevertheless, it has been observed that even a Post Graduate Degree is not proving sufficient for a desired career and dream job.

Are you not satisfied or confused about your career even after completing your Post Graduation? Don’t worry! There are multiple options that you can explore for a better career prospect after Post Graduation. Eventually, the final choice will depend upon your stream of education at Post Graduation along-with your interest and passion.


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