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Know About Career Guidance Bureau, A Trusted Advisor for Career Counselling

Find your real passion and choose the right career path with the help of your trusted advisor for career counseling i.e. Career Guidance Bureau.

Career Exploration for High School Students to Find the Right Path

Teen Age is not too early to think about a future career.  Career Exploration for High school students helps to find the right path at the right time.

Know The Role of Psychometric Test in Choosing Career

Know all about a psychometric assessment test and how it can be useful in choosing a career.

What Are The Best Tips to Find My Perfect Career?

Not sure what career is right for you? Read this blog to find the best tips to choose the perfect career match.

Essential Tips to Improve Career Development | Expert Advice

Want to turn your job into a career? These essential tips will help you improve your career development and get a huge success.

Best Tips to Ace Psychometric Assessment Test

Check the best tips and strategies to pass an ace Psychometric Test. It will make sure you get a good score.

5 Steps to Achieve Your Dream Career!

Want to Achieve your Dream Career? Check the Top 5 steps to achieve your Dream career efficiently.

Career After ME/MTech

India is nation where engineering has become the most popular and sought-after career option among young students.

Career After MCA

The advent of modern technology has made IT a blooming sector across the world. It’s hard to imagine anything without technology.

Career After BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration, popularly known as BBA has become the hottest career option among students who want to venture into the domain of management.

Career After MBBS

MBBS being a noble profession also promises a rewarding career. Now that you have completed your MBBS study, you must be thinking what’s next? Many MBBS Graduates get confused when it comes to choose between MS or MD

Career After BCA

In the recent years, everything has become data-driven and digitalisation is fast becoming a trend. With the rapid growth of IT industry in India, demand for trained computer professionals is skyrocketing.

Career After BE/BTech

Ask any student from science stream, ‘How to become an Engineer?” and the unanimous answer that you will get is B.Tech programme. In the recent past, B.Tech course has become synonymous with an engineering degree and anyone who wants to become an engineer takes up B.Tech programme in the field of their choice.

Career After 12th Arts and Humanities

Arts is the most versatile stream that students can opt for during their High school or Class 11 and Class 12.

Career After 12th Commerce

Ever wondered what do Pepsico chairperson Ms Indra Nooyi, Aditya Birla Group chairman Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla and ICICI Bank CEO Ms Chanda Kochhar have in common. Apart from being visionary leaders and experts from their respective industries, all three of them hold a degree in commerce.

Career After 12th Science

So you have decided to opt for science stream in Class 11th and 12th! But, do you know all the opportunities and career options that lie before you as part of the science stream ?

Career After Study Abroad

Have you been savouring dreams of joining Harvard or Princeton to pursue your higher education or wondering what would it be like to study at Oxford University?

Career Options for Women

Today, women and men are walking hand-in-hand at every sphere of life. They world no longer have boundaries bordered by four walls.

Career in Doctoral Studies

It’s a common myth that PhD is a training based study module to become a university professor. Yes, it is true to an extent but the scope of PhD goes beyond academia.

Career After ITI

If you are a student who is either planning to pursue or is already pursuing ITI courses, you must have encountered one very nagging but important question, i.e., ‘What are the career prospects after ITI?’

Career After Post Graduation

In this era of stiff market competition, it has become essential to have a Post Graduation degree.

Career After Polytechnic

Is your Polytechnic Diploma course coming to an end soon? Are you wondering what to do after Polytechnic course?

Career After Graduation

Have you completed your Graduation recently and feeling confused about what to do next? While some students know exactly what career option to choose and how to build a professional career after Graduation, most of the students start feeling the performance pressure and find themselves in a no man’s land.

Career After Class 12th

If you are a Class 12 student, along with preparing for the Board Exams, you will also have to deal with one interesting but really nagging question, i.e., ‘What to do after Class 12?’

Career in Rural Management

Rural management is one unique specialization that equips the budding professionals to plan, strategize, manage, and implement the ideas that can work wonders for the improvisation of the rural landscape of India. This course holds high potential for the righteous growth of budding professionals because rural hinterland is highly unexplored and huge investment has been fuelled in to tap this unexplored area.

Career in Financial Management

The financial management course deals with financial planning, accounting, and strategizing plans for the profitable growth of organization.

Career in Marketing Management

In 21st century, marketing management courses have become essential for the growth of entrepreneurial ventures, business houses, and even service sector to enhance the visibility of products or services visible to customers. Pursuing marketing management courses in the current economic environment makes sense because there are numerous avenues where marketing professionals are looked upon to tap business opportunities in the unexplored markets and the already established markets.

Career in Human Resource Management

For the smooth functioning and operations of an organization, it is vital to establish HR department. From salary to employee rules and regulations to the compensations and leaves policy, all the aspects that create an atmosphere of discipline in the organization are taken care of by the HR department. Whether it is small scale industry or a multinational, human resource acts as a backbone to keep the organization upright 24*7. The course will enable you to become an integral part of the organization that works towards the welfare of employee to enhance the profitability of the organization.

Career in Business Studies

Business studies specialization deals with various business activities that are linked to several industries and trade and commerce. This specialization aims to develop the understanding of the learners towards various forms of business and how each model functions in the market. The syllabus of the course is tailored as per the level at which the learner is undergoing the studies. At the primary level, basic information pertaining to operations of the business from planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling etc are taught and later on, this foundation is elaborated in detail to enhance the perspective of the aspirants.

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