VijayBhoomi University

Karjat, Maharashtra
Private Est  2018 UGC Approved
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VijayBhoomi University

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VijayBhoomi University is India's first liberal university, which aspires to offer relevant and quality education and engage in high-quality research in engineering, business, law, science, and liberal arts. Our university,

  • Campus Size 53 Acres
  • No. of Faculty 48

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Infrastructure and Facilities

  • Infrastructure

    Campus View

    The campus was designed on a multiple axis system, each corridor, passageway or window frames views of the mountain range that serves as a backdrop to this beautiful site. This also helps create light wind tunnels that bring in cross ventilation to every part of the campus, minimising our need for air conditioning systems.

    When it came to materials - 90% was sourced locally. All the rock that was excavated during the construction was used in a gabion retaining wall system along the hillsides. Brick was sourced from local kilns within a 50km radius. Local stones were also used in paving. Brick and concrete were left exposed albeit with a transparent waterproof coating to shelter from the heavy rains during the monsoon period. This was done to lend a natural look that would seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings, making it seem like the buildings were always there. Landscape, plants and trees were also very carefully chosen to make sure we continued a respectful approach to the local flora of the area.

    In conclusion, the design of this university mirrors the philosophy of the university itself. It is never done. It is always growing, always adapting. It is humble and acts as a canvas for nature, for learning. It is a vessel that can be filled with hopes, dreams and ambitions of the youth that will call it home.

  • Infrastructure


    The teaching and learning infrastructure is equipped with the state of the art teaching aids consisting of smart boards, live lecture capturing and is supported by a sophisticated learning management system. The classrooms offer an intimate space for co-working and learning and are designed for faculty who believe to be the guide by the side instead of being the sage on the stage. The labs are equipped with the best equipment and provide for utmost safety of our students.

    The campus is also equipped with a rich collection of relevant books required to support the delivery of the curriculum. The library also provides for electronic access to research and knowledge bases to enable our students to explore, discover and research. The campus is completely enabled by high speed wi-fi and each student is provided with adequate bandwidth to keep learning.

  • Infrastructure


    Vijaybhoomi campus boasts of a full-fledged sports complex called Revive, short course swimming pool along with indoor basketball, badminton, tennis court and squash courts, a football field, and a 10m shooting range. Revive is also equipped with state- of- the- art cardiovascular and strength training equipment. Revive will be supported by qualified sports trainers and coaches. After all, holistic development is what we seek.

  • Infrastructure


    The campus provides comfortable shared accommodation for the students. The student residences have been designed to provide co-living spaces for nurturing lifelong networks with peer students. After all, friendship and co-living help one develop respect for individuality, build tolerance and teach coexistence.

    Each student will be provided with a uniquely designed self-contained living unit consisting of a comfortable bed, storage space and cosy tucked-in study space.

    The programmes being offered by Vijaybhoomi are residential programmes and it is expected that students stay on campus or on facilities provided by the University.

  • Infrastructure

    Other facilities

    With the onset of a psychological freedom after school, the newly christened college freshman now stepping into adulthood, with unfettered access to buffets, sunaes, junk food, late night deliveries & cheap quick foods, it’s not a surprise that so many students gain weight when they go to college.

    Developing a balanced and nutritional diet at a young age can both enhance one’s academic performance and prepare one for a lifetime of healthy eating. We at Vijaybhoomi with the consultation of experts in the field of nutrition & wellness, make it not only a principle of life but also a governing policy to ensure that Students are exposed to the right awareness & resources to ensure that these building years are utilised fully for capability building of the body & the mind.


    Vijaybhoomi takes prides in hosting a cross-cultural demographics when it comes to the students thus enabling cross-cultural interactions not only in their culture but also very actively into their cuisines. Special & varied menu combinations from across the palates of world culture to suit the demographics of our student community are concocted by our culinary experts to accommodate these mixes of cuisines & cultures, thus enabling a true world class environment.

    Vijaybhoomi ensures that a balanced nutrition and diet is provided to all students at the same time not taking away the charm & youth of trending habits thus enabling a tryst between wellness of the body & mind.


VijayBhoomi University

Village Jamrung, Tehsil - Karjat District - Raigad
Karjat, Maharashtra - 410210


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