India and China agreed to boost the Defence Ties

India Current Affairs September 2012. India and China on 4 September 2012 agreed to boost defence ties

Oct 3, 2012 14:38 IST

India and China on 4 September 2012 agreed to boost defence ties. The agreement was made during the visit of Chinese Defense Minister Gen Liang Guanglie to India and his meet with his Indian Counterpart AK Antony. Last time the defence minister of China visited India in the year 2004.

The two nations have agreed on improving the friendly, strategic and co-operative partnership and exchange of young officers and high level visits. An inter-collegiate exchange that includes non-traditional security fields is also a part of the agreement.

During the joint Naval Practice in Shanghai, the two nations agreed on increasing the process of military exchange that includes maritime operations and navy. Last joint exercise that took place between the two nations was at Kunming in the year 2007 and at Belgaum in the year 2008. The third joint exercise scheduled for 2010 was cancelled because China disagreed to provide VISA to Lieutenant General BS Jaiswal of the Northern Command and since then India cancelled all collateral ties related to defence activities with China.