India Current Affairs Quiz/Questions-Answers April 2013, April 29-May 5

The 1st week of May saw formation of inter-ministerial committee on widening trade gap...

May 6, 2013 16:12 IST
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The 1st week of May saw formation of inter-ministerial committee on widening trade gap, mission to check out infant and maternal mortality in India, implementation of National Urban Health Mission and more. Solve the quizzes that follows based upon the events of the week to test your knowledge about the same.

1. The Union government keeping into consideration the widening trade gap, had set up a six-member inter-ministerial committee in the last week of April 2013 under the chairmanship of ___________ to suggest measures for enhancing MSME exports.
a) R S Gujral
b) Sumit Bose
c) Madhav Lal
d) S R Rao
Answer: (a) R S Gujral

2. Which of the following statements about the roles and duties will the six member committee on trade-gap is true?
I. The committee will suggest short and long term measures to enhance exports from MSME sector.
II. It will submit its recommendations by mid-May 2013.
III. The other members of the committee include Commerce Secretary S R Rao, Revenue Secretary Sumit Bose, MSME Secretary Madhav Lal, Financial Services Secretary Rajiv Takru and Chief Economic Adviser Raghuram Rajan.
IV. None of these statements are true
a) Statements IV is true
b) Statements I, II, and III are true
c) Statements I and II are true
d) Statements II and III are true
Answer: (b) Statements I, II, and III are true

3. The Union Cabinet of India on 1 May 2013 approved the launch of the ___________ Mission to reduce rates of infant mortality, maternal mortality and for universal access to reproductive health care.
a) National Urban Health Mission
b) National Maternity Management Mission
c) National Infant and Mother Mortality Mission
d) Universal Access To Reproductive Health Care Mission
Answer: (a) National Urban Health Mission

4. The recently proposed National Urban Health Mission is will implemented in how many cities of towns across the country?
a) 999
b) 779
c) 949
d) 786
Answer: (b) 779

5. The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) under the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh approved 11000 crore Rupees project on 1 May 2013 for modernisation of _____________?
a) Delhi police
b) Central paramilitary forces.
c) Black Commando Force
d) Indian Army
Answer: (b) Central paramilitary forces.


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