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Update on: 06 Sep 2021 12:37:09 PM

CLAT 2021 Mock Test (official) will be released by the conducting body. Know how to prepare for CLAT 2021 using CLAT mock test here.

CLAT is a national level law entrance exam. On the basis of performance in this test a student can secure admission in the National Law Universities as well as other law colleges that consider CLAT scores for admissions.

The Executive Committee of the Consortium of NLUs has made a change to the CLAT 2021 exam pattern. The CLAT 2021 question paper will comprise 150 objective-type questions. For every question answered incorrectly, there will be a negative marking of 25% marks per question. The syllabus also has not changed significantly, as per the official announcement. But the students should be on alert about any surprise because CLAT 2015 had several questions of high difficulty level from topics that were never asked in any of the previous CLAT papers. For that, undertaking different types of CLAT mock tests would be immensely helpful. Here we have explained how you should approach Mock tests while preparing for CLAT.

Why prepare for CLAT 2021 with Mock Tests?

As the conducting body does not officially release mock tests for CLAT, candidates should practice solving the sample papers in a time bound manner as CLAT 2021 mock test. Attempting mock tests is important not just for CLAT but also for any competitive exam.  There are 5 reasons you must attempt mock tests before finally going to write the exam.

  • Helps in practice and preparation

It is said that with proper practice and conceptual understanding, problems in mock tests could be solved faster. Hence, if students are lagging in proper preparation, they should start their preparation now, clear their basic concepts and then start applying those concepts while attempting mock tests. This will help them review their preparation levels and improve upon their weaker areas.

  • Helps you in developing an appropriate strategy

Rather than learning concepts and formulas, what really makes a difference is preparing the right strategy. For that, it is important to know how to strategize for cracking and clearing these tests. The primary motive of these mocks tests is to create a benchmarking tool which will help students to measure their preparedness and work on their weakness.

  • Useful in adapting to time management

Time management plays an important role when you have to clear competitive exams. It is very difficult to attempt all questions in the given time, as accuracy is important. Therefore, solving more and more mock tests will help you in determining what questions to attempt first and which ones to skip.

  • Helps you learn new techniques to solve problems

While you are attempting these mock tests, they intend to help in learning some advanced techniques. That is the reason students sometimes find newer ways to apply basic concepts.

Mock tests should be treated as actual tests. If a student is serious while sitting for the mock test, they will perform well in the actual exam as well. Each mock test which you attempt gives you an opportunity to learn and improve your performance.

  • Allows you to analyze yourself post examination

After each test, students should spend the time to understand and analyze their mistakes. One needs to go through each and every section carefully to understand the same. A student attempting these tests should first try to work out each and every question in different ways and then look out for solutions.

Benefits of Taking CLAT 2021 Mock Test

Some of the ways in which appearing for the CLAT Mock Test can benefit the CLAT 2021 aspirants is as given below:

  1. Mock tests are basically practicing the exam type experience at home or at a coaching centre. The more tests to you attempt the more comfortable you are on the exam day.
  2. After taking the test students get an analysis report which shows how many marks the candidate has scored in each section of CLAT mock test. Students can evaluate this report to better understand their performance stage. Whether they have excelled the test or they need to practice more. 
  3.  As we know CLAT has negative marking for wrong answers. Here, accuracy plays a crucial role. When you adequately prepare with mock tests you learn to improve your accuracy level in the exam.
  4. Students can take a test to evaluate their preparation level after they have practiced for CLAT exam. So, if they take mock tests then they will be confident about their qualification in the test and also, on receiving performance analysis report they will motivate themselves to improve more and score better every time.
  5. By practicing Mock tests students will be able to know their weaker areas and will be able to aim and improve in that subject as compared to the sections they are scoring well in.

How many CLAT Mock Tests to take up?

There is absolutely no number one can suggest and it’s recommended to go for as many mock tests as possible. However, it is always wise to start with one or two mock tests during your initial phase of preparation. This will make you less nervous and help you to access your preparation level. Once you proceed to your next level of preparation, the total number of mock tests you would need would also increase. Around the final phase of preparation, the mock test numbers can reach up to 20 a week.

How to Analyse CLAT Mock Test?

  • Pick a copy of CLAT 2021 Sample Paper from the official website
  • Read the instructions carefully. And set an alarm clock
  • Set alarm for 2 hrs
  • Start attempting the exam. Here, you need to keep in mind that you are noticing which your strong sections are and which your weak areas are. Accordingly try to devise the strategy in next exam. Keep this process till 5 mock tests. After it, you will be able to figure out the right strategy for yourself and follow that from 6th mock test onwards.


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