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NPAT Preparation Tips

01 Sep 2021 17:56:11 PM

NMIMS University organizes NPAT exam for admission to BBA Program. Here are the last minute tips to prepare for NPAT BBA exam as the exam is conducted in IBT mode for the first time.

NMIMS University organizes NPAT (NMIMS Programs after 12th) Exam every year for the aspirants seeking admission to undergraduate courses. Aspirants who applied for the BA program, here are some last minute tips and strategies that you must refer to before you appear for the NPAT exam that is scheduled to take place from 26th June 2020 to 28th June 2020 as per the latest notification released by the varsity. 

A major change that has been introduced in the BBA exam exam this year as it will be conducted in remote proctored format. This means that the candidates will appear for the exam from Home due to the spread of COVID19. As NPAT BBA 2020 exam will be a Remote Proctored Assessment, it would ensure that candidates adhere to the social distancing norm and are not affected by the pendemic.

Therefore, candidates are advised to follow the instructions mentioned below to ensure that the NPAT Exam goes smoothly even when they appear from home. Here is a long list of Do’s and Don’ts that you are expected to follow this exam season:-

NPAT BBA Exam – Do’s and Don’ts

Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that candidates must follow before appearing for the NPAT BBA exam.

NPAT BBA – List of Do’s

Follow the instructions carefully to appear for NPAT BBA entrance exam:-

Before the Exam Commences

  1. Seating Arrangement at Home and ensure that you get seated comfortably, as it is a long test and you cannot move away.
  2. Make sure that you sit opposite to the source of light so that direct light doesn’t strike the Webcam of the system.
  3. Keep NPAT Login ID and Password ready
  4. Check the Internet connection is properly working
  5. Check the system (laptop/desktop) through which you will appear for the exam. Check if the WiFi and Webcam are in proper working condition. Avoid using touch screen; rather use mouse and keyboard to operate the system.
  6. Check system configuration which includes Operating System, adequate RAM installed in the system, processor requirements, Internet connectivity of atleast 500kbps/5mbps and install Google Chrome browser for best experience.

During Exam

  1. It is important to accept the terms and conditions to attempt the exam.
  2. Once you access the Assessment Link on the browser, wait for the login screen to appear and then fill in the login and password allotted by the exam conducting authority.
  3. Once you login the NPAT BBA online assessment, click on the LAUNCH button to begin the IBA test process.
  4. Allow the webcam to capture your image and double check if your photo is available on the photo window.
  5. Proceed to attempt the assessment.

For further instruction, click here to follow the IBA Launcher and Assessment Instruction Manual released by NMIMS University.   

After Exam

  1. Click on the ‘Submit’ button after reviewing the summary of the responses provided in the exam.
  2. Click on ‘Esc+Right+Shift’ shortcut key to close the Assessment Launcher.
  3. Restart the computer after completing this process.

NPAT BBA Exam - List of Don’ts

Here is a limited list of Don’ts that aspirants are advised to follow to avoid disqualification at a later stage. Carefully read the list of don’ts to avoid mistakes during the NPAT BBA entrance exam assessment:-

  1. Don’t allow anyone else in the testing room other than yourself or talk to anyone as it will lead to non-compliance and disqualification at a later stage.
  2. Do not move away from the range of your desktop/laptop or the range of proctor
  3. Do not use mobile phone while appearing for the exam
  4. Do not cover the webcam at anytime during the commencement of the exam.
  5. Don’t take screenshots or the photo of the questions while appearing for the NPAT BBA exam.
  6. Don’t try to re-take the assessment after completion of the exam.
  7. Do not click on the helpdesk or call them to know your exam score or NPAT result.

To know detailed NPAT last minute tips and instruction, click here to follow the IBA Launcher and Assessment Instruction Manual released by NMIMS University.

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