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Ocean Acidification: Causes and its effects on Marine Ecosystem

Jan 8, 2018
The Earth is a watery planet because about 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth's water. Our ocean acts like carbon sink that absorb about a quarter of carbon dioxide that human produces that causes changes in ocean basic chemistry. Here, we are giving brief note on the Ocean Acidification, Causes and its effects on Marine Ecosystem for general awareness.

Coral Bleaching: Concept, Causes and factors responsible for coral bleaching

Jan 8, 2018
When corals are stressed by changes in conditions such as temperature, light, or nutrients, they expel the symbiotic algae living in their tissues, causing them to turn completely white. Warmer water temperatures can result in coral bleaching. When water is too warm, corals will expel the algae (zooxanthellae) living in their tissues, causing the coral to turn completely white. This is called coral bleaching. When a coral bleaches, it is not dead. Corals can survive a bleaching event, but they are under more stress and are subject to mortality.

What is Green Bond Market and how it is important for India?

Jan 4, 2018
Green Bond Market is contemporary trending instrument for helping financial resources for funding greener projects. It is basically issued to mobilize funds for Green energy projects. Here, we are giving the meaning, concept of Green Bond Market, how it is important for India and how is different from general bond.

भारत में संरक्षित समुद्री क्षेत्रों की सूची

Jan 4, 2018
संरक्षित समुद्री क्षेत्र, समुन्द्र का वह क्षेत्र होता है जहां शोषणकारी मानव गतिविधियों और हस्तक्षेप सख्ती से राष्ट्रीय उद्यानों, अभयारण्यों और जीवमंडल रिजर्व की तरह नियंत्रित की जाती है। स्थानीय, राज्य, क्षेत्रीय, देशी, क्षेत्रीय, या राष्ट्रीय अधिकारियों द्वारा प्राकृतिक या ऐतिहासिक समुद्री संसाधनों के लिए इन स्थानों को विशेष सुरक्षा दी जाती है। भारत में वर्तमान में पांच समुद्री संरक्षित क्षेत्र हैं। हम यहाँ सामान्य जागरूकता के लिए भारत में समुद्री संरक्षित क्षेत्रों की सूची दे रहे हैं।

Do you know the meaning of Oxygen Minimum Zone and Dead Zone

Jan 2, 2018
Oxygen is a central element of life on the Earth because it helps in aerobic respiration which converts sugar (glucose) C6H12O6 using oxygen, O2 into carbon dioxide, CO2 and water H2O this reaction gives the energy needed for cells to operate. Here, we are giving the meaning of the Oxygen Minimum Zone and Dead Zone, which is very useful for the preparation of competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways etc.

What are Carbon Footprint and Carbon Offsetting?

Dec 28, 2017
In the modern world, the most relevant and disputed issues are the environmental problems and many institutions came up with different approaches to overcome the natural imbalance. For that matter, Carbon Footprint and Carbon Offsetting have become relevant, especially for the understanding of gaseous emissions that led to the climate change.

What are Landslides and its remedial steps?

Dec 27, 2017
We often heard about the incident of landslides, but do you know what causes landslides and how it can be prevented. Here, we are giving the definition, types, cause and remedial steps for landslides which is very useful for the preparation of competitive examinations like UPSC-prelims, SSC, State Services, NDA, CDS, and Railways etc.

Do you know the concept of Green GDP and Ecological Debt

Dec 26, 2017
All the uses of biodiversity, ecosystem services and resources like mineral deposits, soil nutrients, and fossil fuels are capital assets, but it is not included in national account or GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Find out the how the concept of Green GDP is different from economic GDP and Ecological Debt which will help to enhance the general awareness of the readers.

How Organic Farming helps in Carbon Sequestration?

Dec 22, 2017
The organic farming is a unique combination of environmentally sound practices with low external inputs. It compliments the Carbon Sequestration because its focus on sustainability without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Here, we are giving the concept of organic farming, carbon sequestration and How Organic Farming helps in Carbon Sequestration.

Combat Desertification: UN Convention and Role of Jojoba Plant

Dec 19, 2017
Desertification is a complex phenomenon resulting from factors of physical, biological, socioeconomic, cultural and political nature. It is not confined to the desert areas or to the arid region, but relates to land degradation in about two-thirds of our country’s geographical area falling within the arid, semiarid and dry sub-humid regions. Here, we are giving a write-up how the UN came with Convention to Combat Desertification and Role of Jojoba Plant in the prevention desertification.

Difference between Wildlife Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserves and National Park

Dec 15, 2017
We must make every effort to preserve, conserve and manage biodiversity. Protected areas, from large wilderness reserves to small sites for particular species, and reserves for controlled uses. The wildlife sanctuary, biosphere reserves and national park are designated places for protecting the wild plants, animals and natural habitats.

What are Carbon Cycle and Global Carbon Budget?

Dec 13, 2017
Carbon is the main component of biological compounds as well as many minerals. It is referred to as ‘building block of life’ because it is found in every living as well as non-living things. The Human activities endorse the concentration of carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and out of which some are absorbed by the plants and some are taken by the ocean.

14 December: National Energy Conservation day

Dec 13, 2017
With the growing population of the world, energy requirements are also increasing. But the speed at which energy requirement is increasing, the fear of destruction of all resources of energy has started increasing. Therefore, it is necessary that we pay special attention to energy conservation or develop other resources for its replacement because if we are not successful in our efforts during the time, then entire human civilization can be in danger.

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)

Dec 8, 2017
The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is considered the “constitution of the oceans”. It is also known as the Law of the Sea Convention or the Law of the Sea treaty. Here, we are giving the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and its provision for the aspirants who are preparing for different competitive exams.

What are the differences between El Nino and La Nina?

Dec 4, 2017
The El Nino and La Nina are part of the global climate system which occurs when the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere above it change from their neutral ('normal') state for several seasons. Here, we are giving the differences between El Nino and La Nina on the basis of meaning, Temperature at Sea Surface, Pressure, Trade winds, Seasons, Coriolis force, Ocean waters in the Pacific and cyclone for general awareness.

Biological Sequestration (Biosequestration): Concept, Importance and Need

Nov 24, 2017
Biosequestration is the process of capturing and storing carbon in living organisms such as plants and algae. It is not a new process, but a process that was responsible for the formation of the extensive coal and oil deposits which are now being burned. Here, we are giving the concept of Biological Sequestration (Biosequestration) and its need and importance for general awareness.

Coastal Erosion in India

Nov 23, 2017
The Coastal Erosion is the process of wearing away of the land by the sea due to corrosion, abrasion, hydraulic action, attrition and corrosion/solution. India's has long peninsular region and due to developmental activities are often carried out without properly understanding the coastal dynamics, leading to long-term damage, particularly to local communities. Find out the concept of Coastal erosion, findings of Ministry of Earth Sciences, and reasons for coastal erosion and measure to deal with coastal erosion for the preparation competitive examination.

Green E-Clearance in India: Concept, Project and Importance

Nov 14, 2017
Green E-Clearance is a concept of giving environmental clearance for industrial project. The Ministry of Environment and Forest (India) has made it mandatory to obtain Environmental Clearances for Construction projects having covered built-up area greater than 20,000m2. Here, we are giving the concept, projects and importance of Green E-Clearance or Green Environment Clearance for general awareness.

Coastal Zone Management (CZMA) - Purpose, Objective and Challenges

Nov 13, 2017
The Coastal zones are defined by the extent of territorial waters up to the high water mark. They are long, narrow features of mainland, islands and seas, generally forming the outer boundary of the coastal domain. Find out the concept, purpose, objectives and challenges of Coastal Zone Management for general awareness.

List of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems Sites around the World

Nov 10, 2017
The Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) are rich in agricultural biodiversity and associated wildlife, and are important resources of indigenous knowledge and culture. Here, we are giving the list of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems Sites around the World for general awareness.

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